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Last political post of the day, I promise
cap, captain miss america
Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to present the next potential Vice President of the United States for your consideration.

Or perhaps this will win you over?

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Actually, I can totally admire a politician who is a Viking in their spare time.

Her voice in that video was kind of grating. How did Craig find it sexy?! Oh well, THAT'S CRAIG FERGUSON FOR YA.

I agree about her voice. She sounds like every TV show annoying teacher.

Oh wow. I like that she's a viking bishop. She blessed him into the fold of Alaskanity.


Well now we know who the LARPers of America like.

LOL Craig <3.

Haha, yeah, quizzicalsphinx was just, like "Oh, look, someone's got the SCA vote."

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