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cap, captain miss america
so, i was surfing IMDB because i always get "that hagen girl" and "the bachelor and the bobby-soxer" mixed up

that hagen girl is the movie that pairs a "teenaged" shirley temple (she was actually about 20) with ronald reagan who is somewhat older.
the bachelor and the bobby-soxer is the movie that pairs a "16-yo" shirley temple (she was actually 19) with cary grant who is somewhat older.

i was looking at quotes from bachelor and bobby-soxer and found the following:

Richard Nugent: Hey, you remind me of a man.
Susan Turner: What man?
Richard Nugent: Man with the power.
Susan Turner: What power?
Richard Nugent: Power of hoodoo.
Susan Turner: Hoodoo?
Richard Nugent: You do.
Susan Turner: Do what?
Richard Nugent: Remind me of a man...

i assume everyone in my LJ knows where i've heard that.
frightening, huh?


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Labyrinth? I know I've heard that...just can't remember where.

yup. except replace "man" with "babe." it's part of the "magic dance" song.


MMmm David Bowie.

Yes, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I think I'll go watch Labyrinth again now.

Ahh, okay. I thought so.

grrrrr now that song is in my head...

It's funny, because as I was reading that I could hear David Bowie singing those words... Maybe I'll have to watch Labyrinth with my Spaceboy tonight.


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