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I know I'm getting too into this.
cap, captain miss america
ragabashtule posted this and I just needed to share it.

I kind of feel like it's important--to the point of my responsibility-- to disseminate as much of the horribly embarrassing things I can find about this woman as possible.

liret says:
isn't the vetting process supposed to catch things like that?
I'd think one of the most important steps in chosing a vice presidential canidite would be to make sure there aren't any easily youtubed videos of them being idiots

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Well, you know McCain. This whole "computing machine" thing's too dang newfangled for him.

I gave up after she admitted to not knowing what a Vice President does.

The Vice President serves as the President of Senate. Once in a blue moon (read: almost never), they serve as a tie-breaker if a Senate vote is ever deadlocked. They're first in the line of succession should the President die, be assassinated, get sick, etc.

Mainly, they sit there and look pretty important. Dick Cheney was a special case, and not just because of his epic quail-hunting skills.

Mainly, they sit there and look pretty important. Dick Cheney was a special case, and not just because of his epic quail-hunting skills.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that was her point.

Don't get me wrong, I literally work for the Democratic party and I have a freakin' tattoo of a donkey on my back, but even I understood her joke about the Vice Presidency.

But she's not as endearing as Biden, who makes better macros.

Fair enough.

For the record, the reason I speak up about stuff like this is because I hate to see Democrats giving people a reason to call them petty and ridiculous. Obama's campaign is supposedly about rising above partisan bitchiness, and although that's clearly a pipe dream, it'd be nice to see Dems practicing what they preach. Let's keep the conversation focused on the things that people actually care about: keeping good jobs in the United States, stimulating the economy, working toward energy efficiency, access to health care, and improving education. Those are the kinds of issues that'll win over middle-of-the-road and even Republican voters to the Obama/Biden ticket - mocking Palin for a joke (one that actually does make sense to most Americans) will not. In fact, that kind of immature campaign bickering is what will turn marginal Republicans away from this campaign, and we simply cannot afford that as a nation right now.

I'm going to pop in here for a minute-- I am one of those marginal Republicans, and the behavior of the Obama campaign combined with the reactions of a good many of his supporters to Palin's selection as VP has pretty much torpedoed once and for all the chance that the Obama/Biden ticket will get my vote in November.

I wish I could say that it surprises me, but it doesn't. It does make me sad, though - both for my party and for this country - that in the end many people (for whom the election was a tough call in the first place) will end up making their decisions based more upon how the campaign's supporters acted than the actual policy plans laid out by the candidates.

If you ever want to talk about the candidates, the issues, or the campaign, feel free to drop me a line. I promise not to infer that you're a moron for not joining the Obama cheer squad.

As for Palin, I am fully able to see her appeal. She holds none for me, personally, but I don't think that a person would have to be an idiot to support her. They would simply need to be at the other end of the ideological spectrum from me - and I actually have good friends that are, and who are voting for McCain/Palin.

Okay, I feel the need to clarify here-- you think that one comment from one campaign official saying that her resume was thin, that was immediately retracted by Obama himself, and a bunch of "oh my god, what a horrible choice!" kneejerk response from supporters is worse than months of McCain's campaign actively trying to convince people that Obama is a Muslim with ties to terrorists and his supporters putting up websites accusing Obama of being everything from a black supremacist to the Antichrist?

I-- hmm. This is going to end up being one of those things where I will have to respectfully disagree with you.

I understand that Palin was a pretty left-field choice, and if I was the one doing the choosing, I'm not sure I would have gone that direction. She's not rich in Washington experience the way Biden is, but I think that she has had real experience in the business of conducting government on the executive level, which isn't something that I believe either Obama or Biden share. That is the key strength that I see her having; too, there's a vast difference between inexperience directly in the executive seat and inexperience a "heartbeat away" as has been sound-bited so often.

What bothered me the most was the viciousness that I saw online-- places like the Daily Kos and other Democratic-based blogs-- who went at her almost instantly with ad hominem attacks and a sort of malicious glee that really tarnished a campaign for me that has tried to bill itself about being for change and a new way of politics. I understand that the McCain campaign has not exactly done itself proud in that respects either, but I really expected better from the Obama camp proper and from his supporters.

I think we're coming at the election from entirely different regions of the political spectrum, so again: respectful disagreement, and I myself will definitely need to do a better job of reining in my Republican-crankypants. :)

I understand coming at it from different parts of the political spectrum, but at the same time: I'm on mailing lists for McCain, Obama, and Ron Paul. McCain's newsletter is the only one of the three that has been both vicious and deliberately misleading in communications directly from the official campaign. The Daily Kos, which is a multi-authored group blog, is hardly something that Obama himself can monitor. In fact, I've heard from a lot of the people who write for blogs like that that they feel more of a need to be personally vicious because Obama is being so very diplomatic toward his opponents. The one outward criticism of Sarah Palin that came directly from Obama's campaign? Obama immediately discredited and criticized the campaign rep as being too quick on the attack, on national television. He said it was not warranted or authorized. So it seems rather a double standard to hold Obama responsible for things being said by people who are supporters who don't officially answer to him versus not holding McCain responsible for rumors that his actual campaign has deliberately spread. That has little to do with the actual politics.

If you want to get into the specific politics-- and I definitely see where someone would say that any executive experience, even a year and a half, is better than Obama's lack of specific executive experience, I am still not going to vote for someone who is an active member of a Dominionist church, an active member of a group that not only fights to ban abortions even in cases of rape, incest, and health risk, but also fights to ban hormonal birth control and IUDs-- two of the biggest and most reliable preventions for unwanted pregnancy, and I'm not going to vote for someone who believes creationism belongs in a public school science class, or whose idea of protecting the second Amendment includes protecting aerial hunting. Nor am I going to vote for someone who believes that Bush's environmental stance is too environmentalist, when I think it's too weak. Im not okay with her political views, and frankly, her political views go well beyond the ideology of the Republican party and into something that I perceive is quite scary. When you add to that what I see as a lack of professionalism or exposure to ideas that are different from her own, that makes for a scary candidate. I would have supported Obama but been okay with McCain as long as he had selected a real fiscal conservative like Romney or Whitman--and then my only concerns with his ticket would have been his viewpoints on abortion and Iraq. Now I'm just really, really scared that he might get elected and end up seriously ill or even dead, and we would have a radical dominionist leading our country. Not okay with me.

This comment makes me want to hug you hardcore.

Wow, that's just lovely.

In case you want to lower your standards in terms of worthy journalistic sources, here's a little article claiming that Palin's last child was actually her daughter's!


Oh, it's also been reported on Daily Kos, but I had heard it from friends before that.

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