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RNC speeches
cap, captain miss america
So, I didn't get Mitt Romney's speech at all. Especially when he says things like "We need Big Ideas, not Big Brother."

Which I know what he meant by it, but when the Bush administration has been accused of spying on people and killing our rights as much as they have, it doesn't get across the message I think he was intending to make.

Another thing that weirded me out about Romney's speech-- he talks about how the Democratic party wants to take our rights away and then two minutes later is talking about keeping pornography out of homes. I generally think that on that count, the Republican party is much more interested in stepping in and regulating freedoms than the Democratic party is-- the only one that the Democratic party really cares about is gun control. And I realize that that is really super important to a lot of people, but no one is trying to take away hunting rifles.

Huckabee, on the other hand, man. I wish he didn't have so many crazy Fundamentalist leanings, because man, he's brilliant. And he's such a great speaker. I didn't agree with everything in his speech, but when he's not talking about his religion, he's fabulous to listen to and so smart.

Rudy is being Rudy-- I think he's too vitriolic to be going right before Sarah Palin...they should have had him go early to warm up the crowd, I think. I love Rudy and I kind of wanted him to get the nomination, and then have Bloomberg run independently...just because the Black, Jew, and Italian running for President jokes would have been awesome.

Except for this Islamic terrorism thing? Umm, who are they insulting? How about Muslims? And we're not mentioning September 11th because that was seven years ago and we need to move on. Jesus, Rudy, I know it was your time in the sun, but please get the hell over it.

Okay, now he just got nasty. Rudy, stop making New Yorkers look bad. This is exactly what the rest of the country already thinks we're like. I want to listen to Huckabee again.

Okay, Sarah Palin. I think this will be interesting because it's really our first time hearing her, even if the speech was written before she was selected.

I remember when Bill Clinton first started running for President and I kept wanting to slap his hand down. It would drive me nuts watching him because he kept making hand motions while speaking. Sarah Palin needs to learn not to roll her lips while she's on national TV; that surprises me because of her TV experience.

This speech so far seems perfectly decent but kind of bland?

Ooh, actually, she has a nephew on a carrier in the Gulf-- one of my cousins is doing that now; I want to find out which one he's on.

Also her youngest daughter is adorable.

This whole speech is a little weird, because it feels more like a biography/introduction than a real speech? I know this is the first time many people have heard her, but I feel like I would rather they'd gotten Rudy to coach her. She's not even delivering her vitriolic lines with vitriol, which makes her just sound like a lecturey professor.

And she really, really doesn't want to attack the media in her first major speech on the national scale? Is this to throw people off when the media criticizes her so she can be all "well, the media's criticizing me because I won't pander to them?" Because I am honestly starting to believe this is a strategic thing.

Okay, eBay joke? Funny. Actually, that whole section was funny and as a big fan of Mike Bloomberg, I appreciate people in positions of privilege who refuse luxuries they don't need.

Why is she still misrepresenting her fiscal history, though? She shouldn't be talking about that when she's been called out on it as many times as she has.

The energy talk is a good move, though. This is obviously where her expertise is, although I'm not sure I feel comfortable with it coming from someone who is known for earmarks to her own town-- is she just going to be giving more money back to her home state at the expense of other states? She went from highlighting everything well to turning this back into Alaskan interests.

I like all the talk about things being produced by American workers when she wants to pay Canada for that.

Okay, and she just likened Obama to...Moses? And it's weird that she's not using his name.

I haven't had any more comments since then because I think I'm going back to my earlier statement that it's not a BAD speech, but it's not a super impressive one and I feel that it's kind of canned. She's repeating things that previous speakers already said or things we've heard from McCain himself before and I'm a little disappointed because I was hoping we'd get more of a sense of her own individual identity from this.

I think if I were rating that speech like a movie? I would rate it about a 2, maybe 2 1/2 stars-- not offensively bad, but nothing new and kind of bland. The half is because it's her first one. In relation, I think I'd give Romney and Giuliani both 1 1/2-- Romney was just really off, and Giuliani is a good speaker but it was not a likable speech and poorly positioned. Huckabee wins with definitely a 4-star speech and the best of the night.

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I totally missed that. I thought we were still supposed to be comparing him to Jesus and Hitler.

Well, I think the video pretty much does those things, too. Except maybe the Hitler part, unless you really want to stretch your imagination.

I sort of completely see why Rudy was before Palin--there was no way she could've had any of them on their feet and cheering. She made good jabs, but few of them were particularly on-your-feet fist-pumping. I was totally with you, wondering why he was directly before her, but I think that it was just purely to get the audience used to jumping, laughing, and participating.
Did you notice how desperately she was attempting to get people to pipe down so she could start? "Thank you very much-- *looks lost, mouths something* Thank you, Thank you." Maybe that's just me?
Tom Brokaw of all people totally called Palin out on the Congress "bridge to nowhere" project. He said something to the effect of "She was previously in support of the project, but changed her mind when Congress said that Alaska would have to foot half the bill".

Romney's speech just reminds me of the problem and hypocrisy of the Republican party. They are the ones who supposedly lay claim to "small government", but they advocate government intervention in private issues that don't really affect anyone else. Democrats want to control your financial descisions, and Republicans want to control personal social decisions. And that is why I am more or less Libertarian lol.

I agree totally about Huckabee. He's not only smart but he's fun to listen to too. He is an example of why I have such huge respect for preachers. But of course at the same time, I don't necessarily think that preachers should govern if they're not going to separate their faith from values in governing people of many different faiths :|.

Except for this Islamic terrorism thing? Umm, who are they insulting? How about Muslims?
I'm sorry, but the terrorism was prompted at least partially by these people's Muslim faith. I wouldn't get offended at people calling like, Westboro Baptist church "Christian terrorists" because their hatred is prompted by Christianity. It is a warped Christian faith, just like Islamic terrorists follow a warped Islamic faith. I don't think anyone who is of at least average intelligence is saying "Islamic terrorists" and referring to every Muslim everywhere (admittedly I have had to defend Muslims from some older members of my family 9_9 but they would be close-minded asses about it whether or not the government called them Islamic or not). If it were up to me I would want to oust Westboro's sect of Christianity, but unfortunately I don't know if we can unless they actually start physically harming people.

I like Palin alright as a speaker, really, and I think if anything she did a good job showing she's tough and has common sense (which unfortunately is kind of what all women in politics have to apparently prove to people). But having her go right after Guliani.. just made me want to write in vote for Guliani even more haha.

Yeah, that's one of my biggest problems with a lot of Republicans, too-- it's not small government just because you're not spending the money on social initiatives if you're still spending the money. Most of the Democrats' social initiatives I go back and forth on, but since we've tried the privatized health care thing three different ways and it hasn't worked, and there are lots of countries with socialized health care models that do, I think that's our next best bet for getting it right. It works for most of Europe and Canada, so I think it's worth a try. There's some other stuff I would be happy to throw out, though.

And that's exactly how I feel about Huckabee, too, I really liked the way you said that.

I think it's different for Christians because we are the majority in this country. When you have people always saying "Islam" before "terrorism" when most people in this country don't even know anyone Muslim, it definitely causes people to cast aspersions on those people. And the idea that this is religious hatred and not political hatred is a major simplification of the issue. Osama bin Laden himself is not a Muslim extremist; he's just playing on people's religion to get them to sacrifice their lives, which is very sad. Muslims get their religion insulted every day, and while that happens to Christians, too, there are a lot more of us to stand up for each other.

I really would have liked them to give Palin more leeway with the speech-- parts of it just felt like canned campaign rhetoric and while I thought she delivered it well, it was just kinda boring. I think I would have liked it more if she'd done something a little different.

She's the Vice-President nominee. Her job is to say all the things McCain wants to say, but cannot afford to lose face over. She will be puppet number one for the McCain campaign.

I kind of feel bad for her in a way, as she might have views that totally oppose McCain on certain points, but she can't say anything because this is the opportunity of her lifetime, and she's not about to throw it away. Puppets!

Palin makes me angry. She's just so snarky and holier-than-thou in her "every woman" facade. I just worry that America might fall for it. We live and die by our beauty queens.

If only Mitt Romney was talking about real conservatism and not SOCIAL conservatism. That would have been nice. I mean, I do understand that he's Mormon, and those folk live by pretty strict guidelines, so the pornography statement didn't surprise me. Three-fourths of the fuckers in there were full of shit when they cheered that line, however. I just wish people would understand that suppressing natural urges is the root cause of fucked up shenanigans.

I agree with you one-hundred percent about Huckabee. He's just such a nice, funny, charming dude. However, he is also a former minister, and I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, but underneath that charm lies an angry southern bastard, all fire and brimstone. The secret to a Southern gentleman/woman is that all of that nicety and proper social graces are being used to make fun of you to your face, and that the reason those from the south have a southern drawl is because if your mouth was filled with such bitter stuff, you'd talk funny too.

I know this because I deal with these people everyday. It's all glory glory hallelujah till someone starts burning crosses.


Romney's speech just seemed so cobbled together randomly-- it didn't make any sense.

I think that being an angry bastard who can appear cool and charming in public can be a hell of an effective person-- I just wish he weren't the kind of person who feels his religious views are that necessary to his political mandate.


You simply don't understand our Southern charm. <3

Actually, you've almost got it. To be directly rude to someone is unthinkable; to insinuate and to make everything very clear underneath a veneer of civility is what you do. You know, and they know, and everyone else knows, but nobody is actually going to say anything directly about it because that would make a scene, be inexpressibly rude, totally burn bridges, and destroy the veneer of civility that makes coexistence and shreds of cooperation possible. This is politeness. My jaw drops in sheer horror and flabbergasted shock when people up here do things like fight in public or in front of company. I just. I. No.

(Anyway, Yankees talk funny, and they don't have a plural form of the word 'you' either.)

(Deleted comment)
Oh my god, that could not have been better if they had tried!

Sadly, she didn't even write her own speech. Though either she threw in the pitbull-lipstick joke on her own, or she totally sold it because she pwned that line. I find it hard to judge her when she just read the teleprompters. Though quite competently at that.

Yeah, I really would have liked to see her give her own speech that wasn't written before she was even chosen for the position and then rewritten because it was 'too manly'? That really irked me. I was like, what are you trying to say about female candidates? "We want you, but only if you just let the men do the talking?"

We want you... to be our attack dog, but if you could wear some lipstick, and make it so that people don't think you're too grating like that other female candidate... and still convince them to think of you as a America's Hockey Mom? Yeah, that'd be greeeeeat.

We'd hate your skills to go to waste. Like the good looks and great TV reading skills.


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