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Stuff from today

1) On the train to Connecticut, I was overhearing this guy talking about his upcoming marriage. It went like this:

"She said that she didn't want to take my name, and wanted to know if I was okay with that. And so I told her that I didn't mind, but I always wanted to have the same name as my wife, so would she be okay if instead of her changing her name, I would start using hers?"

I was like, RIGHT ON.

2) It rained really hard today, courtesy Hanna. While it was raining really hard, my father:
Stripped down to his underwear.
Put on a baseball cap.
And went outside to re-enact this scene from Shawshank Redemption:

We locked him out of the house. It was funny to watch him begging us to unlock the doors while he was outside soaking in his underpants. Then he called everyone he knew to tell them he had run around naked in the rain.

3) I mixed another bourbon-and-dessert-wine drink today:
For two drinks--
4 oz bourbon
1 oz applejack
1 oz madeira
3 sprigs of purple basil
6 springs of lemon thyme
half a lime
1 tsp grenadine

Put ice in martini glasses to chill

Put grenadine, 2 sprigs of basil, 4 sprigs of thyme in shaker. Squeeze in lime juice, then drop in limes. Add ice and muddle.

Add liquor, shake.

Empty ice from glasses, pour with strainer.
Garnish with left over herbs.

I am really liking these babies. I think I am calling last week's drink a Sanguine and this week's a Rotten Apple.
Tags: daddy, life, people
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