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so i had this dream

the other night, not last night when i had this weird anxiety dream about going to italy, that went like this:

two kids, not siblings but family friends, who were about 14 or 15, one boy and one girl, go on vacation with their parents. they are staying in this hotel, and one day there are these two younger kids, who were like 9 or 10, playing vid games in the lobby. so the two older kids play with them.

all of a sudden, our venerable and esteemed president of the united states, mr. george w. bush, walks in with a small entourage. he sees this as a perfect photo op so he sits down and plays vid games with the kids. they whack his butt.

mr. bush gets up and says, "gee, you kids are fantastic! i have an idea! let's send you to afghanistan!"

so the kids become a black ops team. however they don't end up in afghanistan but in a small kingdom/principality that was, kind of middle-class, more westernized, on the border of afghanistan. the kids are assigned to the palace. basically their mission is to intercept al qaeda messages which are apparently being funneled through this small country. there were a few interesting chases in the cellars of the palace, but the most important part was that they finally discovered that the terrorist network was operating out of a popular fruit smoothie chain.

that's all.
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