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cap, captain miss america
My family went to the Durham Fair today. We looked at the goats and chickens and stuff, and the crafts and my mother and I picked out what breeds of chickens we are getting for the farm.

Anyway, the local political parties both had booths. The local Republicans were selling pork sandwiches, andI question their judgment in selling pork with all the pork barrel accusations going around, but whatever.

The Democrats, on the other hand, had a life-szed cardboard cutout of Barack Obama and they were using it to sell Jamaican meat patties. One guy was standing behind it and mimicking a Barack Obama voice and being all, "Buy delicious meat patties! MMM they're my favorite!" or slinging his arm around them and being like "BUY SENATOR OBAMA'S FAVORITE MEAT PATTIES."

So they were generally being really funny and we have no problem giving $3 to the local Democrats. But we'd already eaten, so we found my dad and told him the story, and offered it to him.

And my daddy was all, "I don't know. I'm afraid of what might be in a Barack Obama meat patty."


Sadly, he did not want to taste the hope and change. Aw.

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I can't believe your daddy doesn't like the delicious, delicious flavor of hope and change! How sad. :(

I think it was the extra zing of yes, we can.

You have to admit, it is a little overwhelming after the eight years of what we've been swallowing. Maybe start him off with some soup next time?

I miss fall fairs. :(

I don't know if I could eat the hope patty. It might be so amazing that going back to normal food would fill me with dispair.

Hope tastes like rainbows. Change tastes like pennies.

Obama meat patties taste like hope and change.

No Vegans or vegetarians need apply.

They had vegan ones too! I consider those alternative fuel!

Hey, have you seen this article on TIME?
The Lying Game.

Haha, I saw the title and I don't need to-- I've been helping with fact-checking for various political non-profits.

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