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Friends Cut Warning
cap, captain miss america
Hey, guys, work is taking a serious, serious toll on my ability to keep up on LJ. I just defriended a bunch of people-- and a lot of people I really like keeping up with, but I just feel awful that I'm not keeping up with my real life friends and close internet friends, so it had to happen. I am very sorry to cut you guys-- there's nobody on my friendslist I hate or anything, but I just needed to do it for my sanity. If you really, really want me to add you back, please just ask.

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Oooh! You still love me!

I keep meaning to ask if you want to get together at some point? (Yes, this is partially my trying to actually meet people in NYC since it's something I've been failing at doing, but I've been wanting to meet you for ages, anyway :-))

I love everybody! It was really hard but I took off about thirty people. And I would love to meet up; I suck at meeting people, too.

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