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Friends Cut Warning
cap, captain miss america
Hey, guys, work is taking a serious, serious toll on my ability to keep up on LJ. I just defriended a bunch of people-- and a lot of people I really like keeping up with, but I just feel awful that I'm not keeping up with my real life friends and close internet friends, so it had to happen. I am very sorry to cut you guys-- there's nobody on my friendslist I hate or anything, but I just needed to do it for my sanity. If you really, really want me to add you back, please just ask.

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I'm actually touched that you kept me as we really don't know each other that well. Perhaps I just slipped under the radar. :"D I do know that I enjoyed our conversation from the winter very much and I do like to read what you write. So thank you.

I love watching your progress on your artwork and I would miss it if I took you off my list!

You are amazingly kind. Thank you.

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