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Drink of the Week: Jamestown
cap, captain miss america

This is a martini. But it's a martini with a lovely raw oyster soaking in the bottom of your glass, so that when you finish your drink, you have a gin-soaked oyster.

3 oz Bulldog gin
Dry Vermouth
1 Chesapeake Bay Oyster (any variety)

Chill martini glass
Shake gin with ice
Pour ice out of glass, coat inside of glass with vermouth
Pour out vermouth
Add oyster
Add gin

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It sounds like I would either find that disgusting or really good. I may have to try it...

I have had oysters in martinis before. They're pretty yum.

I don't think I'd care for the drink, but the accompanying photo is totes hot.

The thought of oyster in alcohol may have just boggled my mind

Not sure... never envisioned fish and alcohol combined before!

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