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Drink of the Week: Jamestown
cap, captain miss america

This is a martini. But it's a martini with a lovely raw oyster soaking in the bottom of your glass, so that when you finish your drink, you have a gin-soaked oyster.

3 oz Bulldog gin
Dry Vermouth
1 Chesapeake Bay Oyster (any variety)

Chill martini glass
Shake gin with ice
Pour ice out of glass, coat inside of glass with vermouth
Pour out vermouth
Add oyster
Add gin

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It sounds like I would either find that disgusting or really good. I may have to try it...

I have had oysters in martinis before. They're pretty yum.

I don't think I'd care for the drink, but the accompanying photo is totes hot.

The thought of oyster in alcohol may have just boggled my mind

In a bad way or good way?

Not sure... never envisioned fish and alcohol combined before!

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