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This weeks drink: Port O' Call
cap, captain miss america

2 drinks:

3 tbs butter
2 tb brown sugar
2 oz port
1/2 c sweetened condensed milk
6 oz rum
pinch of ground cloves

Melt butter in a saucepan, add brown sugar and still till dissolved
Add port, cook till boiling
Add sweetened condensed milk, cook and stir till well-mixed and bubbling but not boiling

Set aside

Put rum in another saucepan, just till boiling
Put 1 spoonful port sauce in each glass, add rum, stir.
Sprinkle cloves on top

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Um, a cocktail with butter and brown sugar? Sign me up.

It was so good! It tastes like dessert.

(Deleted comment)

Was this a wine or beer or liquor type drink?

(Deleted comment)
i like cider too! And Hornsby's has a little rhino on it!

And I buy wine for the label too. It has never failed me, not ever.

When you drink it, is it still warm?

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