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This is disgusting
cap, captain miss america
Guys, I've gotten this from several mailing lists this morning and I'm kind of disgusted. This isn't just people talking at rallies and getting caught up-- this is a mailing being sent out by the RNC. And having been in the publishing-- and promotional-- business for a very large part of my life, I know that things like this don't just "happen" without approval. So at the moment I'm completely sickened. This is not okay. This is not what any political party in the country should be about.

"When you get right down to it, this election is going to be settled by the fact that more Americans hate George Bush than hate black people." -- My dad.
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It makes what Colin Powell said about the narrowing of a party really evident, doesn't it?

I'm not surprised, I guess--I'm just disappointed that the best the Republican party can come up with is fear-mongering.

I'm just completely and totally appalled that this is considered an acceptable campaign tactic, and that McCain's public response to accusations that this has gotten way out of hand has been "Well, they're saying mean things about me." I have yet to see a Democratic ad that attacks anything outside of McCain's political history or agenda or campaign strategy. That's like saying that it was okay to smack your brother with the fire poker because he pinched you.

The "Why should we care about what they have to say?" is probably the most disturbing part of that entire mailer. All of it is horrible, but that's just scary.

That is disgusting. I keep thinking that the smear tactics can't get any worse, and they keep proving me wrong.

I don't even consider this a smear tactic against the candidate-- I consider this a scare tactic that is bordering on harassment of the recipient of the mailing.

This is absolutely ridiculous. It's disgusting how the party is trying to spread hate and ignorance. Ugh this doesn't bode well for how people who actually believe this stuff will act after the election.

Oh, haven't you heard? They're already readying the SWAT teams for all the black people who are going to riot if Obama loses. Because only black people are violent.

It is frightening a) that they thought this up, and b) think they can get away with it.

They didn't need to think it up! It's what people are shouting at their rallies!

Boy, I hope this blows up in their faces.

(Uh oh. Does that make me a terrorist?)

I don't quite get how that pamphlet equals racism. Senator Obama has said he's willing to talk with groups who support or who are terrorists. There's nothing really untrue about that. Granted, I can't read the little text, just what's in bold.

I'm not going to say racism hasn't spurred from this. I've seen it. Ageism has, too. Nothing unexpected.

It says TERRORIST in huge letters. You open it up and it says BARACK OBAMA in huge letters.

I see what they did there. That's some pretty sneaky PC racism there.

I can't even fathom who still thinks like this. It's really scary.









Racism is only racism when people toss around the appropriately offensive slang terms or make blanket statements calling out a particular race.

What is this strange concept of institutional racism of which people speak? Are you trying to blow my mind? I think I'll go shove my head back up my ass now and live in denial land.

I am totally appalled by the tactics the McCain campaign has been using to win votes. Unfortunately, a lot of Americans seem stupid and biased enough for fall for all of the completely disrespectful and downright disgusting lies McCain is happy to spread.

Its just so disgusting. Im at the point where I feel a bit of hatred towards anyone supporting McCain, even my own friends. I just dont see how anyone could find excuses for or be accepting of this sort of thing. There is no excuse. It's not okay.

To be honest, it all makes me ashamed to be an American. This isn't what our country about, but this is what it's turned into.

It's not what our country has turned into! It is what a small group of people in our country have turned into. Which is sad, but I still believe that the majority of people are good and have their hearts in the right place.

Low. Desperate. Pathetic even.

McCain is actually speaking in my hometown today. My Dad thinks it shows just how desperate McCain is getting, if he really think he's going to win over people in the most liberal county of Colorado.

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