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Halloween card from my daddy!
cap, captain miss america



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I kind of love your dad's sense of humour.

That really is a terrifying card!!!

I swear, the scariest ad that I saw this political season was one that started out like an MSNBC breaking news, literally. Keith Olbermann of all people turns to the camera and says "John McCain wins the presidency."

I don't think I imagined it, but it was fucking weird and terrifying and frankly I don't know what will happen if Obama loses. I'll definitely lose it.

An Obama loss will mean that Bill Ayers WILL start bombing things again. I think it will be a mandate for widespread mobilization of ordinary people to change things on the scale we saw in the late 60s/early 70s. Hell, we already have the organization to do it.

Does your dad need an extra daughter? Because if he does, I'd volunteer.

I'll start writing my 500 word essay!

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