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cap, captain miss america

PS, hermintage, my scents came! I will post what I think as soon as I have some time!

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I'm all excited and worried now.

I'm worried for the people of Toledo, Ohio, where people are already on the streets in riot gear, in what I consider a disgusting display of racism and intimidation.

That's what I'm worried about. I'm worried that either way there will be blood, and I'm scared of that. There doesn't need to be.

My polling place was nice! Everyone was chatting with each other, I had a nice talk with an elderly gentlemen, the poll workers were lovely, and everything was very pleasant.

We Toledoans (and suburbanites) will be fine. Nobody pays attention to the TPD anyways. They can't even write a speeding ticket properly or investigate a robbery with any success.

Edited at 2008-11-04 08:18 pm (UTC)

I still see it as offensively racist and deliberately intimidating. That's the kind of thing that causes riots, as we know from, well, the entire civil rights movement, and I'm sort of disgusted at the lack of demands to stop it from anyone with any power to do anything about it.

I'll give you that it's racist and intimidating.

But given the region, stuff like this is actually common. I'm not defending it, just saying that it's been common ever since the Toledo riots of a couple of years ago. A lot of big public events--even high school football games, of late--have sparked up small riots.

That said, though, I wouldn't be surprised if the chief of the TPD got his marching orders from the mayor of the city. The riot in 2005 essentially cost the previous mayor his job in favor of the guy currently in office, and the guy in office now is very much in favor of keeping his job in the next election--he's not much of an ethical guy, the mayor of Toledo. If it'd help him keep his job, but would be racist in the process, he'd do it.

I love the old lever-style machines, it's like being behind some kind of steampunk airship control. for democracy.

Yay for voting on the Working Families line!

What's the "working families" all about? We didn't have that in IL

New York State law lets the same candidate run in as many parties as choose that candidate as their nominee. The votes all count toward the same candidate, but the percentage for public funding, etc., counts toward whichever row you vote. It's called fusion voting, and it lets you vote for the political party that is most closely aligned with your beliefs without throwing away your vote to a candidate who is only getting a tiny percentage of the vote.

Working Families is a third party that is more progressively liberal than the Democratic party. They're endorsing Obama this year, so you can vote for Obama without voting approval of the two-party system.

Oooh I really like that. Only having two parties that really matter is what makes me the most annoyed in elections.

I agree-- I feel that the two-party system is destructive and causes kneejerk, pendulum-swing election results. While I strongly support Senator Obama, I don't buy into the idea that only two parties should represent us on the national level, and I think it's a big cause of what is driving the divisions in the Republican Party right now.

On the CT ballot, Rep. Joe Courtney showed up under Democratic and under Working Families, but he was the only one I saw listed under more than one party.

Where are you from in IL? Around Chicago?

I currently live in in Southern IL, but my parents nad family are up in central IL

Yeah I live up around chicago. But I go to school at U of I so I'm in Urbana right now.

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