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This week's drink: Yeswecantini
cap, captain miss america

For 2 Drinks

Blend together:
4 oz blueberries
1 oz Blue Curacao
Juice of 1/4 fresh orange
Blue food coloring as needed

Blend together:
4 oz raspberries
3 oz Bluecoat gin
1 oz grenadine

Rimmer: 1 Packet blue Kool-Aid, 1 tb white sugar

Fresh whipped cream

Rim 2 martini glasses
Pour the blueberry puree into the bottom of the glass
Spoon in the raspberry puree
Add a dollop of whipped cream

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It's a little too sweet and fruity for me, but I got the colors to layer, which I am proud of!

Well now you know what to tweak so you have perfection for Inauguration Day!

Oh, for Inauguration day, I'm making Jell-o shots.

Those are always fun, you could make a stencil to get the O design on the tops in whip cream or something.

I was going to use cream of coconut to get white Jell-o, actually!



Excellent! I am glad you liked!

It was a great movie to drink beer to.

You're inspiring me to try learn how to mix drinks myself, it looks so colourful and yummy. Very pretty.

Yay! Layered drinks are a little tricky, because you need to keep the layers from getting mixed up, but most drinks are fun! The thing I would suggest to start learning how to bartend is to first get a sense of how things taste straight-- you want to know gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, and tequila inside and out so you know what they will taste good with. I would also recommend making sure you have tried most of the 'classics' which you can do by getting a good bartenders' guide.

One of these days i am going to take every drink recepie you have posted, line them all up and drink every single one of them

I have a card *holds it out* Oh yes

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