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The election is over...
cap, captain miss america
And I need a new icon. Suggestions?

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Oh. my. god. you asked about icons. Seriously, icon addict. I could have a million sugjestions too! I must go look at your profile interests and think of something fabulous. I have a million if you need any or need someone to go on a hunt.

... ok I seriously just comment spazed all over you....

Oh sweet!

I would really like a cocktail-themed icon to start using on my drink recipes. Other than that, yeah, I need a new default one, and, well, honestly? I am using 39 out of my 144 icon spots.


Give me a list of best shows, books, movies, bands, cute thingies or others stuff you want icons of and I AM GOING ON THE HUNT!

I've never used an icon I didn't make myself, unless it's one Noah made me specifically for official H_E use? So I still sort of get this feeling when I look at icons that I haven't made that they don't "click" with me. I don't really use icons of like, super popular stuff unless it's as a joke-- my last defaults were Clint Maedgen from New Orleans Bingo! Show and before that, I had a few from Twin Peaks in a row. Before that, I think I had Intacto? I think I might be better off making my own again, because I would feel bad if you spend tons of times looking stuff up and I don't use any of it!

Got it! I totally understand the 'I didn't make it' feeling as well. So, I won't go hunting for you but leave you with one last link. This stock icon community seemed pretty good so if you have an urge to browse, check it out.


(I think you should make you default icon a fluffy animal!)

If you scroll past the supernatural there are some cute Stock ones near the bottom, don't know if they are your bag or not but had to mention them:


and another: http://community.livejournal.com/cooloring/28451.html

I'll hold off on more links so I don't make your head explode though

Edited at 2008-11-09 09:26 pm (UTC)

I vote going back to Bingo or Twin Peaks.

I am thinking of doing The Fall?

If I were going to make you an icon it would be a chicken inside a martini glass in a pinup girl pose with an olive on a stick in it's mouth.

Well, you could always use some more chicken icons.

Your hair! You should put your hair in two pom-pom fluffy piggytails and cheese it up for the camera! :D

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