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My week in hats!







As you can see, I have made six hats in seven days. I am very proud of my hats, although I'm not entirely sure what to do with them, since I don't actually wear hats (they mess up my hair!).

A couple of them will probably be given away. I am also thinking about selling them, although there is no way on earth to sell them for the amount of money they cost to make. If anyone would actually like to buy one, or would think about buying one, let me know how much you would be willing to pay for a hat like these. I might keep the white-and-pastel one for myself. The Tuesday hat is probably going to get tiger ears added to it at some point.

I already have a hat lined up for tomorrow that is going to be someone's Christmas gift!

In that spirit, I would also like to post my Christmas wish list up. As usual, it includes stuff I doubt any of you will get me that is really just what I want from my parents, but also stuff that people can totally mail me or send me online.

1) 32 inch flatscreen TV
2) Memory Foam pillow
3) Bedskirt
4) Duvet cover
5) Liquor: dark rums, gins, bourbons, dessert wines, various mixers
6) Yarn. Any kind, although the weirder the better. If you send me yarn, I will make you something, although not necessarily with the yarn you send me.
7) Art supplies/sketchbooks. Likewise, anyone who sends me art supplies will get a picture of some kind.
8) Music mixes, especially if you like newer music, since I'm a music dumbass
9) Movie passes to Regal or AMC
10) Homemade anything!
11) DVDs & Comics

1) Links to movies or comics
2) Music, especially newer music
3) Links to recipes
4) Fanarts! Ask me for details if you would like to do this
5) Fictional letters to fictional characters that I can reply to
6) Recommend a friend on your friends' list whom I should friend back

If anyone wants to mail me anything, let me know and I'll give you my address. I'm going to put up a call for greeting card addresses in the next couple days.
Tags: christmas, crocheting, hats, holidays, wish list
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