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cap, captain miss america
I just went from this:

To this:

I went to a new hairdresser! There is this place down my block that has all kinds of rave reviews in different magazines, so I thought I would check it out. I went in yesterday and asked if they had someone who specializes in curls, and the lady at the desk introduced me to him on the spot. He looked at my hair and asked if I had anything special in mind, and I told him not really. He said good, and he'd talk to me today.

So I went in, and we chatted, and he asked me a bunch of questions and played with my hair a bit. He asked if there was a reason I wanted to keep it long and I told him that it was mostly just because I had short hair for so long. He told me that he had this idea for my hair, that he really wanted to do with it, but not until spring, but he was all excited, and I've never had a hair stylist who was already thinking ahead to things he wanted to try with my hair. Which was so cool. Really nice guy, and he gave me a great haircut. I know it may not look all that different compared to a lot of the kinds of styles you can get with straight hair, but believe me, it is really nice. Usually hair stylists leave me in a pouf of frizz or with very flat or very styled ringlets that I can't redo myself. So walking out of the salon with a hairstyle that not only looks good but that I will be able to duplicate with basically conditioner in it is amazing.
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it looks good! i can see the slight difference, but how lucky to find such an eager stylist!

Yeah, I've never had a stylist who seemed quite as excited to play with my hair. It was nice!

you look great! your hair looks much more purposeful. it's hard for people with curly hair to find someone who can take good care of their hair.
go on now you hottie! :)

It does look much better. It's like... the same style, but better.

I love your curls. I really wanted curly hair like that when I was little, which is why I've had so many perms in my life.

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