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My candle burns at both ends.
cap, captain miss america
It is nearly 6 am.

Why is Tea still up?

My apartment is well and truly clean for the first time since I moved in. It took me two full days of cleaning and shopping for cleaning things and hooks and screws to hang things. Well, one and a half, since I didn't clean till yesterday evening. Today, I cleaned from the minute I got up till now, only breaking for two hours to watch TV and make the hat of the day (pastel pink and blue) and an hour to get my hair cut.

I have this method to cleaning. I start at one side of my room/apartment, and move in the direction of the opposing side. Anything I can put away easily in the area I start in gets put away, anything alse gets shifted to the next section. Since I've moved in, I've started this process several times, always starting with the bathroom. My apartment layout is bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living space. I have cleaned my bathroom tip to toe several times. I have never managed to get more than a third of the way through the bedroom. Today, I finally got to the other end of the living space.

It didn't help that I was never well and truly unpacked. I still have some odds and ends that really need better homes, and a set of dishes in boxes that I will send home with my parents at some point, and plastic moving bins that are empty and sitting on my kitchen floor. I have a magnificent mountain of shoes that need a place to go, but I think I've figured out how to turn my defunct fireplace into a shoe rack, so that is tomorrow's task (whee). But I am as unpacked as I can be. I have one set of shelves waiting to be put together, that somehow came without the little doodads from Ikea, but I called yesterday and they are mailing me the doodads. And I have a few more pictures and such to hang. But all and all, this is not only the cleanest this apartment has been, it's probably the cleanest and most organized I've been since I moved out of my parents' house.

I am terrible at cleaning. Some people are bad at math or languages or rocket science or baseball. I am bad at cleaning. My super sparkling apartment probably looks to some of you guys the way your habitats look when you're at your wits' end with the messiness of it all and must do something right, right away. But this is an amazing coup for me. The next challenge? Keeping it this way. There are still dishes in the sink and a refrigerator with some old leftovers waiting to be cleaned out-- more tasks for tomorrow-- but man, I am so proud. And sleepy. I have a feeling if I weren't delirious with sleep deprivation, I wouldn't be writing such a long post about cleaning.

But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends, I can see the fucking floor.

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Congratulations! :) It looks great.

Yay for clean! I love a clean house so much, but also have issues making it happen.

Yes, I am a big slob normally. Like I told alephz, it took me about nine hours to uncover the floor.


our apartment is un-cleanable until roomies 1 & 2 get the "are we gonna actually buy a house?" question settled. like... they keep putting in offers and such but still. the living room had reached anxiety-provoking reactions in me, and when I finally said something, I was kind of ...shut down in a nice way. whatever.

so I'm housesitting at mom's this weekend. that's one way to deal.

Wait, so they're...not cleaning because they might not be living there in the future?

That is so weird.

I tend to stay at my parents' when I'm sick because I know my own living conditions are unsanitary.

not cleaning because everything is just gonna need to get boxed up, more like. we do clean up occasionally - just not often enough.

it's been really awful lately what with the whole "in the air" thing.

plus, one roommie needs everything messy to feel at home. I had a whole convo with my therapist about it and she basically said, "...so... you have to sacrifice your own comfort so someone else can be comfortable." e.g. can we compromise? no.

I do think they're gonna buy the house. and then move out. which means I'll need to get a different place to live or find some roommates. gah. sucky.

I do like them as people - I know sometimes when I winge about roommates, it gets taken as "oh no! they're so evil!" they're not evil. they're lovely, kind people, one of whom happens to be messy. and I'm sure I've done stuff to give them "roommie anxiety" as well. we do get along okay.

and they're both moving, soon, I think.

It must be contagious! I engaged in an uncharacteristic bout of cleaning today as well!

At least yours was during the day!

Horray! I get to see your floor!

That is an epic bout of cleaningness.

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