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What is this?
cap, captain miss america

Why, yes, that IS Tea's bricked up fireplace that she turned into a shoe rack.

I am so self-sufficient this week. Win for Tea!

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Hee, thanks. I feel like I belong on one of those specials about space-saving in teeny apartments.

Ahahaha..oh you make me laugh

That's pretty freakin' clever.

I do, too! Sadly, they have given me serious blisters the only time I tried wearing them. They need moar break innage.

In other news, I still have that crap to mail you. I have not forgotten it-- it is sitting in the corner of my apartment.

Good luck to you on the breaking-in. I hate that part.

As for the goodies - my daughter just bought herself a DVD player, so we aren't in need of yours any more. Perhaps it would do as a gift donation?

The boots - up to you, if you feel like it and get around to sending them, great - if not, that's good too. Whatever works for you. thanks!

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