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Thank you!
cap, captain miss america
It is Thanksgiving, so now I will thank people. I have almost 200 people on my friends list, so thanking you all individually would be hard. But I want to offer my most heartfelt thanks to all of you, for being there when I am sad or even when I just need a laugh, for sharing yourselves with me every day.

Since I think I just called callmecaito some pig, like Wilbur, I will extend that to all of you. You are all some pig to me.

I can't thank everyone, so I'm going to shut my eyes and point and pick twenty names at random and thank you, without saying who you are. You can all assume the thank yous are to you!

1) thank you for sharing yourself, no matter how good or bad things are. Thank you for being such a loyal, loving person who so often puts others before yourself.

2) Thank you for your talent. You are a truly creative person and I know you will go far in whatever you choose to do.

3) Thank you for your tenacity. You are an amazing person and you have been though a lot for someone so young, but I think you are stronger and that much more amazing for having weathered it.

4) Thank you for your pragmatism and your strength. You are an inspiration to me and I consider you a role model.

5) Thank you for your earnestness and your interest in learning. You may not always know the answer, but you are always wiling to ask.

6) Thank you for your exuberance and the joy you bring to every day endeavors.

7) Thank you for your sincerity and your idealism. I don't agree with everything that you say all the time, but I think that you are an amazing person for atanding by your opinions and beliefs and always talking about them in a reasonable and eloquent manner.

8) Thank you for your sweetness and generosity. You are a genuinely kind person, and I appreciate that you treat everyone-- even people you've only just met-- with the same kindness.

9) Thank you for the love you show people every day, and your optimistic and fun outlook that you continue to carry even when things get dark and disnal.

10) Thank you for your thoughtful spirit that you share with people every day. You manage to approach things with equal measures of realism and idealism.

11) Thank you for your intelligence and creativity. You always have wonderful new ideas.

12) Thank you for accepting everyone, no matter how you meet them. You are open and friendly with new people and don't hold your opinions of their friends against them.

13) Thank you for your exuberance and sheer joy and love for humanity that you always show. The energy you show constantly is amazing!

14) Thank you for your loyalty and your ability to always stick to your guns, no matter what. You never give up on yourself or your friends.

15) Thank you for your perseverence. You are the kind of person who sticks with things even when you're not very good at them to start, and you may not be the most gifted or the most talented, but you are always the most consistent and the most determined.

16) Thank you for your honesty and your works. You have an amazing talent for communicating things that may not always be pretty, but that really touch me and make me feel like I understand.

17) Thank you for your sense of fun and your ability to enjoy life no matter what it throws at you.

18) Thank you for your genuine kindness toward even people you don't know very well. You are the sort of person whom I would expect to stop to help a stranger on the street. You have a ton of patience and a ton of compassion and a generous spirit.

19) Thank you for always being so friendly and so committed to your internet friends, no matter what your relationship to them might be. I'm always touched to see you comment on things that other people can't be bothered to comment on.

20) Thank you for the amount of your time, energy, and effort you give to see other people have fun. Sometimes it seems like it's too much for you, but you never abandon your commitments to other people and make sure that we all feel like we're important to you.

Remember, guys, the lesson we all learn from Thanksgiving: THERE IS PIE AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.

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you're welcome

(even though you probably weren't talking about me, I totally felt the warm fuzzies.)

somehow kindness always wins out. is that awesome or what?


I like kindness! I believe that no matter what bad things happen, the essence of the human spirit really is love.

yeah I totally agree. :)

Thank you for being Tea.

Thank you for the years of friendship, advice, and wacky RP antics we've shared. :)

If I am one of these: Awwww, that's so sweet!

If I am not: Awww, that's so sweet anyway!


Haha, get it? Sugar. TEA.

This is a lovely post with which to end Thanksgiving Day. I so appreciate your consideration for others, and the time and energy you put into making that consideration concrete.

Thank you.

People need to know that they are appreciated and loved! I think when everything else in life is bad, just knowing that you have friends can be enough. In the words of Clarence the Angel, no man is a failure who has friends.

Tea, could you get any cuter?? i adore you.

For the record, I am very grateful to have you in my life, you are a real inspiration to me as such a strong female professional, even if you are a professional comic book nerd.... No, especially because you a professional comic book nerd. I CAN'T WAIT to hang out with you again someday. <3

I wish I could invite you for New Years'! You are the kind of person I want in my real life circle of friends to hang out with and do things with.

I know, I had so much fun in NYC, it really needs to happen again. I'm hoping that as soon as I get a new job with more stable hours/possibly weekends off I can come back up and see you occasionally. I am so jealous of liret seeing you so often!!!

Awesome post - thank you!

Pie is amazing.

Thank you for being awesome.

And pie IS amazing.

This is a fantastic idea, and thank you for sharing your gratitude. Thank you for always bringing us something just a little bit different to enjoy, laugh about, or think about.

And the pie is always worth the journey.

Thank you!

It is always darkest before pie.

Thank you too, Tea. For pointing out the blessings in this world. The people on your list sparkle.


Everyone is special and precious in their own way! We all deserve to be thanked sometimes. I only wish I had enough time to thank every single person on my list.




*snuggles* Ah luv youu.

*sadly licks a piece of pie*

Aw! Why only teh licks? Why no biting?

Ah luv yew too!

I was feeling terribly ill last night. Better this morning. Not sure what was wrong with me.

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