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I totally do nothing but crochet in my free time.
cap, captain miss america
I made so many this week that I can't even remember which ones I did which days. Seven days, ten hats.

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For anyone counting, I think I just hit thirty hats in under thirty days. I now pronounce myself winner of NaHaCroMo or something!

In other news, I totally had a question I wanted to ask everyone about some TV ad that I think is weird, but I can't even remember what it is now. Oh, brain. Brain, you are so dumb and full of yarn. I am actually running out of yarn, which is good...that was the purpose of this hat-crocheting bender I've been on, but bad because I have tons of little scraps that don't necessarily match each other.

Argh, that thing I wanted to ask you guys all that I forget? Totally don't remember and I bet I'm going to wake up in the middle of the night and be like OH IT WAS THAT and then go back to sleep and wake up in the morning and be all SHIT I CAN'T REMEMBER AGAIN. Because that's what Tea's brain does.

I'm a bit disappointed in Christmas shopping. I have a little Christmas shopping story to tell you all but it has to go under lock and key because it's about my dad's present. Everything is good right now, but I honestly can't think of any news that doesn't involve hats. I saw Australia, Cadillac Records, and Milk this weekend, and I saw The Black Ballon and Four Christmases this Week, but I really want to see Frost/Nixon and hope it opens near me-- it IS playing uptown, but I just haven't had a chance to waddle on up there.

I have also managed to keep my apartment in reasonably not-hellacious order since The Big Clean of '08, about 3 weeks ago. My sofa is messy with yarn scraps, but that's the beginning and end of it. I think this is the longest I have gone keeping my apartment clean, ever, so I am proud. I've let it get messy, but I assigned Wednesday as Cleaning Day, when I neaten up anything that has gotten out of order, and so far that's worked well for me. I am very proud of my attempt to act like a productive member of society.

It's almost bedtime, so I will leave you with that!

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What are you going to do with all those hats?!

Also, whenever I think of/remember something important when I'm in bed, I'll get up and write it down x)

So, is Four Christmases the new Christmas classic that it was advertised to be?

It was cute, but god, no, it was not.

OMG FUZZY. Those are awesome hats.

Just remember that you shouldn't leave your hats lying around--especially if they are under other things that need to be tidied.

Otherwise the house elves are going to get offended.

They're already going to be offended that I keep tidying on my own!

OH my goodness I really really really want to see Frost/Nixon I just don't know when I am going to be able to. *history geek out* Must see!!!

This is exactly how I feel about it! OMG squee.

*Oh, brain. Brain, you are so dumb and full of yarn.*

you are awesome and your brain is awesome too. :) don't be so hard on yourself.

I haven't been sleeping well lately which is the reason why I can't really remember things. but that's okay. life is good. I can't really remember WHY I *need* to remember things... I just write things down and then find them later.

... boy drama has moved from one boy to another...

my co-worker and I need to have some sort of "boundary talk" where I'm all "don't fart in front of me cause that's gross and it makes me want to PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE." he does deliberate stuff like that to piss me off. the sad thing is, it works.

he's just dumb and stuck in the 7th grade or whatever. so that's kinda my day.

I'm over it!!!

in other news, I got the HUGE ASS database to export into my email account. but it all imported in the wrong fields. so I'll be cutting and pasting about 900 entries today.



you do really good work and I also LOVE the whole modelling with facial expressions pic-spam. :)

All your hats have been awesome.

I read "NaHaCroMo" as "NaHaCrotchMo" though and did a cartoonish double-take.

Ah man, if only I wore hats!!!

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