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Drink of the Week: Pancake
cap, captain miss america

For Two Drinks:

1 bottle of stout or other dark beer
3 oz bourbon
1 oz maple syrup
2 tbs butter
2 tbs brown sugar
6 pecans

Chill two rocks glasses.
Stir bourbon, 2 oz of stout, and maple syrup over ice.
Heat butter in frying pan until melted, add sugar and stir till dissolved.
Add pecans to hot butter mixture, stir until coated, remove from heat.
Remove pecans and put in rocks glasses.
Add butter mixture to shaker with bourbon, beer, and syrup.
Shake. Butter will harden into a solid.
Strain into glasses.
Top off with remaining stout.

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Do you have a rough calorie count?

Beer and bourbon and maple syrup and butter and brown sugar?

Somewhere, a Canadian lumberjack is dancing a tiny jig.

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