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not to nag but
cap, captain miss america
i am Veeeeeeeery close to finishing my mood icons! i would really like folks to tell me if there are specific changes that need to be made. i have even added some since that last nagging post. i have 86/134 or just about 2/3 with unique icons. i would like to get 5 or 6 more done and then i will send it in and hopefully then it will be published soon. right now i am running it off my personal server which means i can't really let people use it because i pay for my b/w. but i would love for people to be able to.

here is the link again to nag. thanks for all your help.
mood list

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I think you've done a good job on them. I think there is more variety than several of the other sets. My favorites are guilty and working. ^-^


i'm so glad you like guilty! i wasn't sure it was easy enough to tell what it was.

working is one i like too. i think i like the ones that took a lot of work and came out exactly as i'd hoped.

mikey's favorite is nauseated.


You should make an icon for "crappy" which looks like one of those tamagotchi poos, only...anthropomorphized. Brrrr, now that's a scary mental image.

or how about a happy l'il toilet?


Crushed moves a bit too quickly, but it's nothing major.

You rock! I love lazy and refreshed and naughty and . . . all of them.

Really creative. 'Thankful' cracked me up, and 'crappy'.. and 'restless'. Hah.

I don't understand ecstatic or grateful, but that has probably more to do with my general stupidity than anything.

ecstatic is the adjectival form of ecstasy which is used to describe the state where people feel like they leave their bodies (among other things).

the grateful one is one of the teddy bears from the grateful dead.


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