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This Week's Drink: Sugarplum Fairy
cap, captain miss america

For 2 drinks:

6 oz Desert Juniper Gin
1 1/2 Pluot Plums
1 lime
1 tsp sugar

2 martini glasses

Chill glasses
Cut three plum wedges, set aside.
Chop rest of plum into 1/2" chunks.
Cut lime into eighths.
Add sugar, lime juice.
Put squeezed lime pieces into shaker
Muddle contents of shaker.
Add gin, shake.

Strain into chilled martini glasses, serve with plum wedge

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Can I just say, I ♥ your drinks posts :D

Thank you! I love my drinks! I just bought a bottle of Sazerac Rye, a more traditional gin I haven't tried yet, and a bottle of biscotti liqueur. Those are going to be for Christmas and New Year's drinks!

I GOT MY HAT YESTERDAY! Here I was thinking I would be getting a card and then BAM its HAT! You sneaky monkey. I love it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Yay! I totally sneaked 35 hats into the mail!

The best part is that I posted most of the hats in my LJ and I don't think ANYONE suspected.

I certainly did not! Though I was wondering why you were making so many you sly thing you


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