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cap, captain miss america
I just counted, and I have met exactly 1/3 (57/171) of my LJ friends! That is a pretty high number, I think. There are a few of you I've spoken to on the phone but not met, too. And on top of that, I expect to meet callmecaito and comedychick pretty soon, and then it will be 59 out of 171!

Also, this past week, on Thursday night, I managed to achieve one of my goals for the year: I saw 100 movies from 2008. To be perfectly honest, the first few were actually from 2007, but still! 100 movies! In a year! That is pretty good, and there are still a couple more coming out this year that I would like to see.

My list of really, really good movies that everyone should see from this year includes:

The Counterfeiters
Let The Right One In
Roman de Gare
Slumdog Millionaire
Son of Rambow

My definite, without a doubt, worst movie of the year goes to The Ruins. Just...seriously, no. Not unless you like watching scantily-clad people eviscerate themselves. I, like, gave this a half a star just for existing? I don't give anything half-stars. Seriously.

But one hundred movies, woo!

On Friday, I had a little adventure. It went like this:

11:30 AM snow starts coming down in sheets. As in, we couldn't see out the windows. So the head of our company walks around the office telling us all to go home if we need to. My mom starts calling, worried that she's not going to be able to get to the train station later, so I asked my boss if it's okay for me to leave to get up to Connecticut.

I leave work around 12:10 pm and manage to catch a 12:48 train. Train gets in around 3pm.

Mother finally makes it through the snow to the train station at 4:45. She left to get there at 1:45. It took her three hours to make what is usually a 25 minute drive. Meanwhile, this isn't an actual train station, it's just a platform with a parking lot. And I don't have a hat, or gloves, or warm shoes, and I'm wearing a knee-length skirt, because when we have lousy weather in New York, I usually try to wear something that won't drag in slush. There's a little shelter, like a bus shelter, so I sit in there and freeze my butt off till my mom gets there.

We got home at 8:45. The ride home took so long that we stopped at a friend's house to get in a pee break, because at this point, I've been traveling since just after noon. The traffic was just...dead stopped. Dead. Stopped. I've never seen anything like it outside of rush hour in New York City. On the way home, we passed an overturned Jeep, in the middle of one of those dark, hilly, country roads, so I made my first 911 call since I lived at home and had to call in my mother's various domestic kitchen accidents.

Seriously, I could have been in England with the amount of transit I did. Seven hours and thirty-five minutes for what usually takes two and a half. And part of it was very, very cold. The first thing my mother did when we walked in the house was pour me a glass of bourbon.

Today we went to the liquor store, and I got a lovely American gin, which is the one I used to make today's cocktail, and we went grocery shopping for Christmas groceries.

Finally, I just like this photo. I don't know why; I look super messy. But I like it.

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my worst movies this year were pineapple express (i can't stand seth rogan) and 21. but then again i tend to try and not see bad movies.

i didn't mind the ruins so much, but then again for most of it i couldn't watch cuz it was too gross or scary. so i was just watching joe's reactions to things which were pretty funny.

out of your best movies, the only one i saw was let the right one in. i liked it but i thought it was a little overrated.

I thought the thing that really impressed me about Let the Right One In was that it was able to depict a romantic relationship between two pre-teenaged children where there is a clearly a sexual attraction between the kids, but where it never seems creepy. I don't think I've ever seen something like that in a film before and I really appreciated it. Even if one of the kids was a vampire, it played as a romance between two twelve-year-olds.

Also, I think it's more important right now than it would have been at, say, a different time, because it's a vampire story with essentially the same plot as Twilight but does everything right that Twilight did wrong.

I could have been in England with the amount of transit I did.

I lol'd. XB

It is true! England is a 5 or 6 hour flight!

...which makes it even funnier because I originally interpreted it as a statement about the public transit system *in* London. XB

I think we've talked, no? I seem to remember a whole lot of talking to fellow Gryffindors when I was stranded in Memphis doing a chemical research internship and had nothing better to do with my free time than see how many online friends I could talk to and/or visit. Also, I got a lovely hat from you today. Thank you! I posted a picture on my LJ if you want to see it on me!

Woo! I just got up and am looking through comments, so I haven't seen your hat yet! But I am pleased you got it.

I don't think we've talked! I think the people who have my phone number whom I haven't met are all old roleplaying buddies.

Son of Rambow was awesome. I don't often go to the cinema and I went to see that one on a whim. I'm really glad I did.

It was! I really adored that movie.

1/3 of a 150+ sized flist is seriously impressive! I've met a good portion of people from my list, but my total friends is barely much more than 50!

o.O That's gotta be some snow problem to extend a drive that long!

It was-- It didn't snow for very long, but the time that it snowed, it was completely blinding and happened all of a sudden, so it caused a lot of accidents that affected the road for a while.

Admittedly, some of those are cheats because I have a few people who are friended because I met them IRL, but yeah, I am really pleased with how many of the people on my LJ I've had real-life interaction with.

I've met 12, but 1 is Jeremy and 1 is someone I made get a LJ so he could read my journal, but everyone else is who I met first on LJ, then IRL. Out of 53 (after taking out duplicate journals and myself). But with this upcoming trip, I have 11 that I either will meet (with current organised plans), or will do what I can to still organise to meet, and then I'd be at more than 1/3 for me!

I'm glad you survived Friday- when I looked outside and saw people just making shoprite runs I didn't want to be them.

As far a movies go, I take it you haven't seen Milk?
I want to see it and it looks good, but our tastes are close enough that, if you've seen it and don't like it, I'd rather wait for it to come to TV.

Oh, I saw it and liked it, but I didn't think it made the cut for best best must-see movies. If I were going to post every movie I saw and liked, the list would have been like 40 movies.

I soooooooooo want to see Frost/Nixon as well. *history squee*

Holy crap! Keep warm, hon!

And I got my hat! Thank you so much! I wore it all day yesterday, even though it was almost 80 degrees. XD

sorry you got stuck in the cold and snow.

we got two feet here in one day on wednesday and thursday -- and four more inches or so yesterday.

I live in spokane. yippee!

I totally miss new york, though. it's a good, busy kind of loud...

yeah it too me two hours to get about 10 miles on city streets on weds. because it was just an icy parking lot...

I might have to drive my roommate to work - but what sucks about it is that I'm housesitting and it's enitrely across town...

The Ruins was a good book, if you like horror. I never saw the movie, though, because it looked awful.

And argh, the snow here in CT! Friday was awful. The snow started just as I got to work, and the mall would. not. close. It usually takes me five minutes to drive home from work, and Friday it took me half an hour. Yesterday we got another snowstorm of the same intensity, and I had to call out of work because I could not get out of our driveway.

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