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This Week's Other Drink: Tangroni
cap, captain miss america

For two drinks:

5 oz gin
1.5 oz campari
1 tsp dry vermouth
1 pluout plum
1 tangerine

Chill 2 martini glasses
Add ice to shaker.
Reserve 6 slices plum, 2 tangerine wedges
Chop remaining plum, add to shaker with Campari
Squeeze remsining tangerine, add juice and squeezed tangerine pieces to shaker
Muddle contents with wooden spoon
Add 3 oz gin to shaker, shake.
Pour vermouth into one glass, swirl and pour out into second glass. Swirl and pour our remainder.
Pour shaken liquid into glasses, add reserved fruit and top off with 1 oz gin each.

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this has nothing to do with drinks, but thank you for the holiday card! it was a very big (and nice) surprise. :D

AND FLUFFY. You're welcome! I think yours was one of my favorites!

it's gorgeous! i'm going to wear it when i go out tomorrow. :)

OMG Hat thank you so much! It's absolutely beautiful and I've just been playing with it to feel the yarn. Thank you!

Oh, and also, this sounds yummy!

You're welcome! I love that really light purple yarn I used in yours-- some of the other ones I made are fluffier to look at but that yarn is just so so soft!

It's totally delicious-feeling!

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