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We are the sockpuppet we seek.
cap, captain miss america
My mother made me Barack Obama for Christmas

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That is probably the cutest thing I've seen all day.

It IS! It's adorable. I asked her if she could make me Rahm Emmanuel too.

If she does that, she totally has to find a way to do the 4 1/2 fingers on one hand.

Yes! I want the whole Presidential Cabinet and First Family collection now.

You can love him and squeeze him and call him George have him force George out of the taxpayer-funded housing where he's lived for far, far too long!

My dad keeps taking him away and making him make Presidential declarations over dinner. Then I steal him back. My best line of the night:

Sockpuppet Barack: Did you all see Saturday Night Live's lampoon of David Patterson?
Dinner guest: No
Sockpuppet Barack: Neither did he!

well said well said! yay!

I know! My mom is the most awesome.

That is seriously one of the most amazing gifts ever.

I KNOW. And she apparently made him THIS MORNING before I got up.

She made that in ONE morning??? That's crazy! I love her!

For srs! I love my mom. Sock Barack plus bottle of small batch local bourbon = best Christmas haul EVER.

Oh for the love of God XD


that is just made of awesomeness...

your mama wins the internets!!!

happy christmas to you!

& love...

My mama wins EVERYTHING! Merry Christmas!

can I repost to share with more friends the awesomeness of Sock Barack???

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