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cap, captain miss america
on eilonwy's recommendation, i just purchased a bunch of tamora pierce books (yes, i got ones that take place in tortall and sidestepped the other series for now), as well as a couple jane yolen books i haven't read. those will be my italy reading since most of the books my mother purchased are ones i've already read, like death in venice. i love death in venice but i've been too intimate with it in the past-- kept meticulous notes on that one.

not too busy at work today; i can't wait to get home because i think i can finish my mood set tonight. then on to nekomimicon. i feel a little like i should rush her so she will be out before i go to italy, but i don't know...i don't think i may be able to get her finished no matter what, since i am not really going ot be around this weekend-- will probably be in delaware for my grandmother's birthday.

today my little brother nate:

turns 21. that is an old picture of him; i need a new one. he is 21! yeesh!

i think that is all for now. back to workeddy.

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Ooooh, Tamora Pierce!!!! Guess why my name is Keladry? ^.~ Well, you'll know if you read the "Protector of the Small" books. Though I really love the Daine books the most.

You know, Tamora Pierce's books are really pretty... mushy. Normally not my cup of tea at all, but somehow they are sooooo great, despite the mushy bits... I luv them.

well, all i've read are the alanna books, and that was in middle school. so this should be a real treat!


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