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Woo new communities!

It is a new year! And I think I am kind of crazy, but I just started three new communities that I hope you will join if they interest you. I kind of have a bad track record with keeping communities alive, but I have also recently started a job that demands I keep a schedule, so I am thinking I may start scheduling other parts of my life as well. It has worked so far with cleaning house, at least!

1) birthdaytoyou


I noticed a lot of people posting wishlists or posting to holiday wishlist communities this holiday season, but I saw that those all had an expiration date, or would be hard to find later on. So I started a birthday wishlist community, where posts can be tagged by month, where people can post wishlists and other people can scroll through and fulfill some wishes for not just friends, but maybe even some strangers!

2) tarot_week


I have been reading tarot cards for a long time, but there are some cards I know better than others. I also have friends who want to learn to read tarot or who are interested in tarot. So I thought it would be fun to put together a community where people can learn tarot cards one card at a time. If you are interested in tarot, read tarot, or are curious about learning tarot, please join up!

3) waltz_time


You all know that I post a lot of cocktail recipes to my journal! I made a community specifically for sharing cocktail recipes and discussion.

Please join or link and feel free to steal the graphics if you are going to pimp them! I hope all of you will join some of them and some of you will join all of them! But I will not be offended if you join none of them!
Tags: livejournal, livejournal communities, promos
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