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Woo new communities!
cap, captain miss america
It is a new year! And I think I am kind of crazy, but I just started three new communities that I hope you will join if they interest you. I kind of have a bad track record with keeping communities alive, but I have also recently started a job that demands I keep a schedule, so I am thinking I may start scheduling other parts of my life as well. It has worked so far with cleaning house, at least!

1) birthdaytoyou


I noticed a lot of people posting wishlists or posting to holiday wishlist communities this holiday season, but I saw that those all had an expiration date, or would be hard to find later on. So I started a birthday wishlist community, where posts can be tagged by month, where people can post wishlists and other people can scroll through and fulfill some wishes for not just friends, but maybe even some strangers!

2) tarot_week


I have been reading tarot cards for a long time, but there are some cards I know better than others. I also have friends who want to learn to read tarot or who are interested in tarot. So I thought it would be fun to put together a community where people can learn tarot cards one card at a time. If you are interested in tarot, read tarot, or are curious about learning tarot, please join up!

3) waltz_time


You all know that I post a lot of cocktail recipes to my journal! I made a community specifically for sharing cocktail recipes and discussion.

Please join or link and feel free to steal the graphics if you are going to pimp them! I hope all of you will join some of them and some of you will join all of them! But I will not be offended if you join none of them!

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Heh, funny that this should come up as I was just talking about wishlists to a friend the other day. I've always felt so awkward about posting wishlists in public, and thus I never have. I suppose I just feel uncomfortable asking for things, if that makes sense. But I love the idea of being able to peruse other people's lists and sharing some joy, so I'll definitely join up and perhaps lurk a bit before posting a list of my own. :)

Awesome! Yeah, I think it is different when it is about spreading the love and giving things to other people than when it is all me, me, me. I have had people send me some awesome old yarn and fabric scraps off wish lists in the past, and agent_maxine sent me a massive selection of stationery she had never used. And I try to send things back when I see people make requests for things I can send.

1) TOTALLY Joined the tarot card group <3

2) I love you for using Nick, Nora and Asta in the last graphic.

Woo! The last group is named for a quote from The Thin Man, where Nick is telling people that you have to shake a Martini to waltz time!

These all sound like great communities, so I've joined them all. I might pimp this post out to my flist, too, in case anyone on my flist is interested. I'd actually been thinking about something like that birthday community myself, except for it to be for no particular special occasion (rather than expected gift times, like birthday or Christmas) because people generally love surprises when they don't expect them. :D

Thank you! Yeah, that was actually where I started out with the wishlist thing, but I decided it needed SOME organization to keep people from just flooding it constantly, so I figured birthdays was a good way. And if people want to give things to people the rest of the year, they can totally just look up their wishlist!

Exactly! I'll probably use it that way to give people random surprises - erm, if they're people I already have addresses for, or virtual gifts :D

I could post a list for Doyle's birthday now, but it's probably too short notice, and if we're heading to the US straight after, if anyone did try to send us something tangible, it'd probably sit at the post office for a month ;)

Haha, funny that you posted this today, because one of my new years resolutions is totally to finally learn all the cards in my tarot deck so I don't always have to flip through my book. >.<

Woo! That is exactly what it is for! I know most of them in general but some of them I definitely don't know as deeply as I should!

My problem is that like, I've done readings since 8th grade, so somewhere around six/seven years, and I've never actually managed to learn the cards, somehow. >.<

Also, in the offer post in that comm, what do you mean by the specialize/approach readings question?

Oh, like, some people specialize in certain spreads, and different people read different ways. Like, I know some people are pretty hardcore about what kinds of questions they will take-- I know people who insist you MUST ask a very specific question, but the guy who taught me how to read said that you're never supposed to ask a specific question, because it's not healthy to think that cards can answer a specific issue. And some people use them for divination, while other people use them more meditatively. Things like that.

I will try to come up with a clearer way to ask on the thingy, too!

This is a lovely initiative! Awesome work! :D

Joined birthdaytoyou and tarot_week. Heh. ^ ^

I love the idea of the tarot community! I can only learn so much about my reading and my deck from books, you know?

Exactly! And I think everyone's way of reading cards and the personal meanings cards have for them are unique, so discussing them I think will help people refine the way they see different cards.

You're still going to post the cocktails to your own journal, aren't you?

That depends. Which will make you love me more?

Still posting in your journal so the use of your tag system is still in effect, maybe? Plus one less community. Plus it'd be on my reading filters still if I'm too busy for the entire flist. But if you don't want to spam I can concede and watch the community, of course.

I joined your birthday community! I will post eventually. :D

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