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To start, I found this comic today and felt it deserved notice:

That's from Claus Thomsen's The Dictator. It's about a week old, but hey, I think it does a good job of getting the point across. Apologies for the layout stretcheroo but I think in this case it's worth it.

A lot of what I do at work is read comics. It's giving me an opportunity to really catch up on a lot of comics that I enjoy but don't have friended on LJ. Today I also discovered this comic: My Cardboard Life. Is that not the cutest? whimcee, it actually kinda reminds me of some of the art you post; you should check it out!

I just came back from getting to meet callmecaito and her boyfriend! They were both lovely and we had a nice dinner.

I am not big on set New Year's Resolutions per se, but I like the idea of using New Year's as a goal-sticker type place. So I am trying to make myself be more constructive and do more productive things. I want to try to do something to improve myself every day that I can feel accomplished in doing. On Saturday, I downloaded over a thousand new fonts. Yesterday I read part of a book and started learning how to make fonts, and that was after going to meet liret's grandma. Today I am going to read some more of the book and clean my apartment back up-- it is suffering because of the vacation; I have not been home enough to clean. But before last week, I had managed to clean my apartment at least once a week, so I am going to do that now. If I have time, I am also going to plug in my tablet and draw a little.
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