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Today is a very important day
cap, captain miss america
Once upon a long, long time ago, on this very day, a magical fairy princess was born. She was made partly of sparkly things and partly of rainbows and partly of cupcakes with sprinkles and pink frosting, with a cherry on top, and just a dash of squee. But she left her magical kingdom far, far away, to bring joy and happiness to people on the internets.

hug_machine is awesome. She never forgets a birthday. Everyone gets a special graphic on their special day, and wishes just for them, even if they are not her BFF. So, today, everyone say happy birthday to Cat! Happy birthday! Thank you, Cat, for always making a point to try to make all the people on your friendslist smile.


These are for you:

Photobucket Photobucket

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This represents all that is good in the world.

It does! It is awesome to know there are people who care enough to go to all that trouble for acquaintances on the internets.

D'aaawh, youse guys. ♥

And ppphthththt, it's no TROUBLE, it's FUN! X3 The unstoppable hug machine will have you allll, ho yes. XD


Um, first of all, awesome graphix. These make me smile a lot.
But also, hug_machine sounds like awesome.

ssdbfkbsf :3 You seem like pretty much complete awesome yrself!


The Dootsie Bug is just as awesome as the Cat!

And see, that's why you're awesome!

Thanks! She is; she is one of those people who is unfailingly super friendly to everyone.


aaaah, TEA! My grinnings are so big right now MY EARS MAY JUST FLOAT AWAY.



Yay! You're welcome! Have an awesome birthday!

Happy birthday! *hugs*

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