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New website!
cap, captain miss america
I designed a new website for quizzicalsphinx's RPG, which you can see here. I'm very pleased with it. It's a bit sparse right now, but it's basically just up so it looks nice; we don't do hardcore recruitment. I am very pleased with the design, though! If you go to the About Us page, there are little cartoon me-and Lynettes. I'll be putting up an art gallery on the site in the near future, I would like to say this week, but I have been flitting from one project to the next like a little hummingbird as of late.

Also, I had dinner with spiralstairs last night and I am super pleased that she is back in New York! We had Thai food, and I showed her my new little apartment.

I finished Fairest and now I am reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo. It is very sweet and has gorgeous illustrations and nice book design. This is kind of wild because so far this year? I have read more books than seen movies. That's like, unheard of in Tea-land. But I have been trying to read more. I'm a very slow reader, and it tends to frustrate me, while I'm a very astute film-watcher, and movies take the same amount of time no matter how quick or slow you are. So I usually default to films. But reading! I don't know. I read a lot more when I was a kid, and I think I stopped in college, when it became difficult to read anything on top of my course load. I mean, I didn't stop completely, but I was lucky if I read more than one non-comic book a month. I would like to read more!

The last of the holiday hats is in the mail, and seori, it should reach you in the next few days. I didn't mention them outright because I didn't want to spoil it for anyone, but guys, to those of you who took pictures of yourselves in your holiday hats, thank you so much! It was a joy to see you all wearing them!

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, instead of cards this year, I sent everyone who requested a card a hat, and I tried to match it to their favorite colors as they listed them on my gift card post. I made almost forty hats in a month, and then mailed them at the post office, which was a nightmare in and of itself, because, you see, the local post office won't let you mail more than ten packages at a time at the desk, no matter how small they are. So I had thirty-six packages to mail out, and several of them were meant to go abroad, which means I had to mail them at the desk. I waited on line for the automated postal machine, but the problem is, they took out all the stamp vending machines in the post office. So the only way to buy stamps is with the automated machine. There wasn't anyone behind me when I started, but by about five packages in, the line was starting to build up, so I turned to the line and explained the problem and said I would do a few at a time and then let the next person go, and then a few more, etc.

One of the women threw a fucking shit fit, which would have been understandable if she had been the last person on the line, but she was only the third person, including me. So it was only as if she were the fourth person. She started bitching me out about how I had to go to the counter and it wasn't fair for me to use the machine. So I tried to explain that I couldn't used the counter. She went and got a postal worker and tried to get the lady to tell me I had to go use the counter. But the lady was like, "uh, no, actually, she's not allowed to use the counter, she has to use the machine." And then the flip-outtie lady, you could tell that she got very apologetic and realized that I had not been lying to try to delay her mailing stuff. Although she probably could have been done and out of there and she kind of ended up holding up the line longer than it took me to mail five hats, but she was nice after that.

It took me over an hour to get the hats down to a number where I had under ten and could wait on the regular line, which I did. Ten more minutes of waiting, and then those hats were mailed, and I was out.

seori was away when all this went down, so I didn't mail her hat till yesterday. But when I went to mail it, I was all, hee, this time I only have one thing.

And then I slid my card through the little slidey-pay thing at the register, and the lady's computer glitched up like whoa. So then I had to sit there and wait while she got her machine fixed because we weren't sure if the payment had gone through or not, so she didn't want to send me to another register to ring me up and charge me double. Which was fair, but oh, post office, you are so totally inefficient on purpose.

I totally just edited this post with an ETA that was longer than the original post. Win, me!

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You are a reading machine. I am impressed.

And the page is pretty!

The website is very pretty! I'm finding it hard to read the text though. I'm not sure if it's the colour or the size or the fact that my eyes are not very good :/

Okay! I wasn't sure if I should make it a size bigger.

The design is class! Well done you :D

Ahaha, the hat sending story is great. Gotta love the Post Office and they're consistent awkwardness XD

Yeah, it was annoying while I was doing the mailing but after that? Then it is all a lulzy story.

Glad I got to see you too, darlin! :D *HUG!!!*

what did you think of fairest? i didnt really like it, it didnt hold my attention like ella enchanted did. i just thought the plot was unnecessarily complicated and it kinda made it boring. :/ im reading ever right now though. do you have goodreads?

I liked it! My one problem with it is that it was kind of the same story, done a different way-- Aza was a different character from Ella, but the princes are, like, the same character. But it's also hard, I think, to retell fairy tales and not have them be formulaic, since the source material is. I really liked how the world worked and how she built on things from Ella, and I liked that she was able to come up with a way to retell Snow White and not make it another Evil Stepmother story.

I don't have goodreads! I think I read too embarrassingly little to make much use of it-- last year I think I read three books the whole year?

Have you read Shannon Hale? I think she's phenomenal if you like the whole fairy tales for teenaged girls genre.

thats so funny you say that about shannon hale because i just took princess academy out from the library! i havent read it yet, im a little scared its gonna be to young for me by the cover haha. also you should get a goodreads i mean i have read that much the past few months because ive been busy with school but it really helps you get more interested in reading more! i find a lot of books through it that id like and also when someone tells me about a book i add it to my to-read then i just look at my to-read before i go to the library and if i dont find anything by just scanning the shelves, i have a whole list of books i can look up!

Hey, I'm thirty and I liked Princess Academy. I think if a story is well-written, it shouldn't matter what the age level it's geared to would be. I like her stuff because not all her stories end up with the main character marrying the handsome prince or whatever.

Oh man, you went through a lot of trouble to mail those hats. Thank you again <3!

Oh, it was not a lot of trouble! It was just an hour and a half!

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