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This Week's Drink: Eau Pear
cap, captain miss america

For two drinks:

1 pear
1/2 oz St Germain
6 oz gin
Dry Vermouth

Chill two Martini glasses

Slice the pear, reserve four slices.
Chop the rest of the pear finely and add to shaker with ice
Add St Germain
Muddle contents
Add Gin, shake, and serve

Also, ganked from lunylucy, PETA is trying to campaign to change the name of "fish" to "sea kittens" to try to convince people not to eat fish because they are cute and cuddly. They say, and I quote, "No one would ever eat a Sea Kitten!"


Create Your Own Sea Kitten at peta.org!

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(Deleted comment)
I know! I am just like, I had Sea Kitten for dinner last night! I have to assume they are just doing it for the publicity.


It sounds like mermaid porn.

The kind of mermaid where the fish part is on top and the lady part is on the bottom?

Ha! I hadn't taken the idea that far.

Mmmm pears... and sea kittens... I love the name you gave yours. Is that salmon?

Yes, it is salmon! I want to make sure to state, however, that it is locally farmed salmon and not salmon from over-sea-kittened Baltic waters!

Dinner needs to shave! ..and wear less pink.

Aw, dang! I had a punk rock elephant tuna Sea Kitten!

Yeah, it doesn't work :( I had a punk rock unicorn trout-Sea Kitten with a mustache and a mohawk. They could be friends.

Expecting fish to live like cats, with a litter box and water bowl - now THAT is fish cruelty.

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