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I haven't quite managed to finish the drawing I started today, which is okay, because I certainly got pretty far with it. And it might be the weirdest fanart ever. But that is also okay!

I decided I had some things I wanted to post by the end of the day, and as I've got bed in fifteen minutes, I'd better do that! Then I will have accomplished all my goals for the day!

I had a dream last night about a girl from my high school class. She was never really someone I was friends with, but I never really disliked her, either, although I didn't like some of her friends. Anyway, it was a first-person dream, where my little brother was having a going-away party because he was going to study in some foreign country, and he had invited all his friends, but they all turned him down. I was talking about this in front of this girl, and she said very firmly that that wasn't right, and that if none of his friends were coming, she would come and bring her younger sister and younger brother. IRL, she did have a younger sister, but not a younger brother. It was very sweet of her, I thought. She also dressed in very punky gothy clothes in my dream, which she did not ever do in real life. That's all, it was just odd because this is someone I barely spoke to in high school, let alone out of high school, and I have her friended on facebook but haven't talked to her since we graduated.

Also, I meant to post about this sooner, and then cacophonesque mentioned something about trying to do this for herself, so I am going to try to get on it now. I have been trying to make myself more capable of accomplishing things by setting small day-to-day goals instead of pipe-dreamy big goals that seem hopeless and far off. They are not even small goals that necessarily mean achieving things, they are more setting a sense of order in my life that I can easily live with. For example, since November, I have been cleaning my apartment every Tuesday and then taking the trash out either Tuesday or Wednesday (Thursday morning early is big trash pickup here). It is the first time that I can remember having my apartment, or any living space I've had, cleaned once a week. I am usually hopelessly messy, and my apartment is still cluttered simply by virtue of my having more stuff than places to keep stuff, but it is actually presentably clean. Wow. I have also been setting goals for things like seeing movies, drawing, writing, posting in LJ, and forcing myself to keep to them. When it is only a few small things a day, it is much more manageable, and I have been very pleased to say that I always complete the majority of my goals, if not all of them! It is making me feel very accomplished!
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