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The Greatest Fanart Ever
cap, captain miss america
I finished another art piece from the hella long suggestions list.

cacophonesque suggested I draw Neville dancing with the Giant Squid.


Now your lives are all complete!

In other news, though, somewhat related, we are beginning a new term at hogwarts_elite. If you are interested in joining and participating in our awesome activities, head over to sorting_elite and fill out an application!

Also, happy birthday to kikithepirate! What lucky people we are to have you alive for another year. Good luck on the job! I hope you get it!

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neville dancing with the giant squid!!!


I'm completely in love with you. have a super day!!! keep up the good work!


my life is totally complete!

Aw, thanks! I will try to be as alive as possible for you! Also, SPIFFY picture. I am trying to think of cool things for you to draw but keep coming up lacking.

Aw! You can think of lame things for me to draw, too!

This truly is the *greatest* fanart ever. :D

My life IS a lot more complete! That's brilliant!

But not fully complete?! Uh oh! Tiem for moar fanartz?

I think maybe I was just hungry?

(But now I am certainly going to think of one to add to your list. Mwa ha ha ha.)

Now your lives are all complete!

YES. YES VERY MUCH. the rose in its mouth!XDDD

Y'know, I needs me a Neville icon. *runs off cackling*

The rose in its mouth was totally the first thing I thought of when I started the picture. And then I almost forgot to add it!

The rose really just makes that picture complete.

Hee thanks. I really should have had like a punch bowl in the backgroun too, though.


Hmm, I should go sort, huh?

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