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cap, captain miss america
LOOK GUYS! I Photoshopped myself into a picture with another one of my sockpuppets!

Yes, comedychick is in my living room. That is because she's really me. Also, she knows exactly what the Gryffindor Common Room looks like, so beware! She knows all your deepest, darkest secrets.


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O Hay! So you're comin' to my place in a few weeks! Badass! I get to meet you again!

(Tea. Srsly. One of these days I'm gonna get my ass to NY and meet the original.)

You do! And you know you have a place on my sofa whenever you want it.

Actually, by last count, I won sixty-three times in the last Hogsmeade alone!

I CAN SEE THE RESEMBLANCE! Also it is now obvious that your hair is a clever disguise- I knew it was too wild to be real!

Yes, all you have to do is whip out the clown wig and people are like O HAI IT'S TEA.

(Deleted comment)
That's the name of our other sock!

Oh yeah, I forgot!

BTW, a boy sock (Tom) played by 2 people that are really the same person is just awesome.

What you talkin' about? Have you ever heard my accent? :P

Aha! More socks! I knew it!


They keep you warm on winter nights!

OH HEY. Can you ask her (I mean, yourself) if she (I mean, you) can send me the source code for the contest and sorting tally scripts? They're no longer accessible on her (er, your) site and we have a sorting period closing soon. >.>

Her site went down and she is out of the country (obviously since she is here now), but she emailed someone who should be able to get them and she's going to send the source code to me as soon as he gets it to her.

Thank you!! (both your selves, obviously) ^_^

No problem! She's not one hundred percent certain we'll get it on time, since it's dependent on external factors, but she's doing her best. The site went down while she was traveling, so she's been kinda screwed.

It's fine -- if we don't have them by Sunday, the sorting caretakers will just have to ask for volunteers to help with stamping. They already know this might be a possibility, so no worries. :)

I'm really, really hoping I'll be able to get at the very least the scripts back up by Sunday for stamping, but as Tea said, it's all rather hard to manage while I'm on vacation and getting access to the content remains in the hands of the person who owned the server it was on. He's apparently getting a new server (since the last one broke) but I have no idea when that'll be, or if he'll respond to the request to send me the specific files we need. I was aware of the issue about a week ago and one of my first thoughts was "I hope it's back online before stamping!" - and since I didn't know when I was going to be online, I told Tea what was happening so she could pass on what was going on. I'm really peeved I didn't have any backups now (though even if I did, they probably would've been saved on the computer I didn't bring with me).

Even if you're unable to get the scripts back up or get the server dude to send you the files by Sunday, we can still get by the old-fashioned way. Please don't worry, and enjoy your holiday!

I'm not really wasting "holiday" time worrying about it at the moment. I'm mainly going to be bored for the next week and a half while my husband works before we go off to visit other people, LOL. But I'll to not to worry ;)

They're back up, same place as usual, and with a couple days to spare ;)

Woot -- you're a star! Thank you so much! ♥

No problem. I couldn't have done it without my husband - he got the files for me and started up the new server, I just put them in the right place!

I appreciate your going through the effort to devolop multiple Hufflepuff personas.

Hi, Dom!

Well, Hufflepuffs are such a wide and varied bunch.

I can tell just by looking that shadows behind you do not match up with the angle of the light. SHOP HARDER.

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