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Lost Wax!

I was all set to do a LOST post when the show started tonight, and then about two minutes into it, I just couldn't really get my stride. Let's face it, I think everyone here knows that LOST is not really the show it was the first season, but last season finally started to feel like it was getting back on track; it wasn't quite so soap-opera ridiculous, there was more sci-fi type stuff in the show again. More Tempest references, among other things. It was like they finally got a writing team reassembled that got all the references the first season writers had stuck in.

This season premiere, and I don't think this will spoil the show for anyone who's not yet watched it, just felt like a rehash episode. They have the hour long special to re-introduce the characters and plot, and you KNOW it's getting convoluted when I actually was surprised by things I had forgotten from previous seasons. Then the two hour premiere...didn't really set up anything we didn't already know. It was more like a three hour refresher episode instead of just one.

Also, I was disappointed that they didn't find the hatch when Kelvin was there. I was so waiting for a Kelvin cameo. Boo. Okay, that's a spoiler. Sorry.

I still have high hopes for this season and next, because I feel like they can have a directed plan and know where they're going now, and that I am looking forward to-- it's one of the things that I always liked about the 4400, is that that show always felt very carefully planned out, and LOST wasn't as good when it was too open-ended. I just felt like the show has gotten so complicated that it took way too long to set things up in this opener.

Instead, I will tell you about what I did today! Today, at lunch, I went to get my chin and lip waxed. Now, one thing you might not know about me is that, well, I have massive old lady whiskers. Like, not enough to be a bearded lady, but I can certainly sport the ol' five o'clock shadow. I could totally be a Marlboro man or something like that. I have tried waxing at home, but I always got massive acne, and for years, I've just tweezed. I've gotten my eyebrows done once before, but...well, I felt sort of silly, putting all that effort into changing the shape of my eyebrows? Seriously. But I know it made a difference, and I wondered if it would work on my chin and lip so I wouldn't have to tweeze so much.

The lady was very nice and very efficient, and very worried when she finished that my skin was so red, so I assured her that that was normal, and went my merry way. The redness was gone within an hour, but I will remember that if I try it again, not to do it in the middle of the day. Way home from work would be better.

Now, here's the trouble. It got rid of all the nice, soft white peach-fuzzy hair that to me is completely innocuous and unoffensive, but it didn't get rid of the ugly black whiskers. I had to tweeze those myself when I got home, and to make matters worse, I don't know if it makes the whiskers more visible, but it certainly makes them more evident when I rub my chin, because now it's not just some coarser spots and finer spots, it's like, smooth skin, smooth skin-- GIANT OLD LADY WHISKER. And I may just be paranoid, but I think I can feel them growing in! I have already tweezed my chin twice tonight since I got home from work.

So I'll see if it keeps the hairs down to a minimum at least, and maybe try a different waxing place to see if it's just that this one wasn't very good, but my first impression of waxing is not so impressed. I did notice, though, that it leaves significantly fewer bumps or red spots than shaving (YES I HAVE TRIED SHAVING MY FACE, SHUT UP), so I am actually kinda considering trying a bikini wax sometime. But I'm a little disappointed that this didn't more completely decimate my old lady whiskers.
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