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This Week's Drink: Orange Gingersnap

cross-posted to waltz_time

For Two Drinks:

1 Orange
1/4 oz ginger syrup
Coarse Brown Sugar
5 oz Dark Spiced Rum
Two Martini Glasses

Chill glasses
Rim glasses with coarse brown sugar and set aside

Slice the orange into 6-8 wedges. Reserve two prettiest wedges. Squeeze remaining wedges over ice in shaker.
Peel fruit away from pith, add fruit to shaker
Add ginger syrup
Add rum

Put reserved orange wedges in glasses
Strain rum mixture into glasses

In other news, my tarot_week community is totally getting featured in the LJ spotlight this week. The purpose of the community is to learn to read tarot by doing in-depth studies of a single card. I have done four cards already-- one card a week, and people post other discussion topics whenever they like. It is still small so there is not a ton of discussion, but I have really enjoyed what discussion there has been! It is also a good goal for me to see how many of the cards I can write mini-essays about without looking up references.

In kandigurl's writing challenge, I am at 6545 words in three days. That is counting only on the story I have been working on, not my tarot essay or this post or my roleplaying posts, which I am not sure should count. But it is pretty impressive, I am averaging over 2000 words a day, which is significantly more than I am used to.

Also, this weekend, I managed to get a bunch of stuff for my apartment, as one of my goals is to try to make my apartment homey and livable enough that I will be comfortable staying there for another year so I can save money and not pay a broker's fee. I am excited...I got two ottomans with storage boxes under the seats, some spice rack thingies and a rack for my bathroom, and some decorative mirrors. And rugs! I am excited.
Tags: cocktails
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