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Oh my god, so, guys.
cap, captain miss america
My tarot_week community is like, completely insane. It has almost eight hundred members. Crap. So I have been spending like every waking minute from the time I get home from work moderating that. And I have been missing a lot of my flist because like all the posts are tarot posts. Sorry if I have been missing things.

Still, it is kinda cool. I have to figure out what to do with it, though. Um, if anyone on my flist likes drawing tarot cards, I have an audience for you? It is right there ::points::

In other news, I won TWO hogwarts_elite contests! One for this picture:


And one for this icon:


Wow! I win! First place in both contests. Although I realized that I kind of forgot to color in the bottom of the ice cream freezer behind the girl. The icon is totally up for grabs as long as you credit me.

In other news, I got to tour the Good Housekeeping laboratories today where they do product testing! It was AWESOME. They actually have a machine that tests vacuums for them-- it embeds the same about of dirt the same depth into the carpet every time, and then vacuums the vacuum the same number of times at the same speed. So they can compare vacuums. We also saw the thingies they use to test stains AND we got to eat one of their recipes-- a cranberry coffee cake that was delicious! That place is like the Wonka's Factory of domesticity, I am telling you!

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Wow, the community sure grew quickly!

Congrats on the wins! I'm getting the feeling all four houses are putting a big effort this term. It's so much more exciting seeing different houses placing in contests all over the place. This should be a fun term!

Hahaha, if you look at the participation, there's not much Gryff participation, I just happened to win mine! In the Gryff contest, we only got one Puff entry and one Gryff entry, but they both placed. It was crazy.

Well maybe this'll encourage more participation! Don't rain on my parade!

Do you want/need a co-mod? Because yeah, I was watching the membership explosion and realizing it might be a bit much for one person. I'm slightly less online-available than normal because I'm doing a site visit on Friday and then 2 or 3 days next week, but otherwise I can certainly help.

And I am sitting here LOL at the icon because it's SO TRUE. You wouldn't believe how far out of town I would have to go to get to a donut shop that is NOT Dunkin Donuts. Evil, I say, EVIL!

Edited at 2009-01-29 11:39 pm (UTC)

Oh, man. I think that would be great. I mean, I'm hoping it will die down but I actually almost asked you already. I just need somebody else to click "yes" on moderated submissions this week and just make friendly notes to people if their post is straying too much off topic or needs a cut-- like, a couple people have made posts that are more about general Pagan or Wiccan stuff than about Tarot, and I feel like there are other communities for that that would be more appropriate, and a couple people have made long picture posts. Other than that, it's just being friendly. If you are up for it, I'd love to co-mod you!


BTW, is it just me, or have we, like, been continual brain-twins lately? :)

It has been happening a lot! Maybe our chips got synced!

That reminds me, I need to join your tarot community. I need for both, my personal interest and research :D

And I voted for both of your things. What's with Voldy and loving all sweet things?! And that ice cream's not vanilla! Why is the Dark Side taking over everything?!


Yay! I would be happy to have you.

And it's not vanilla because it's SIRIUS BLACK RASPBERRY.

Lol, I thought it was grape. I should have read that board. *fail*


Hahahaha. You can get a flake or fudge for 25p

Those are awesome and congrats!!


Oh my god, I didn't realize they had a theme till right now!

Clearly, desserts are evil. Eat your brussel sprouts!

Congrats! mmmm Dunkin. I wish we had a DD.

Thanks! Aw. I will mail you one.


ning ~

(let me know: )

Is there a reason you keep spamming me? Are you getting paid by this service? It's really rude.

spamming ? I sent a note asking about tarot group
not spamming thanks

maybe you have too many to keep track ~ taking you off my list
have fun

You keep trying to get me to sign up for some website. That's spamming.

Haha they are both very cute! What would the purple and green flavours be?

Purple: Sirius Black Raspberry
Green: House Elf

Never fear, it will calm down! When my story made the spotlight I thought it would never chillax, but it totally does eventually...I know what it's like being swept up in "HOLY BALLS MY LIFE HAS BEEN OVERRUN BY LJ". And you're doing an awesome mod job. :)

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