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Random round-up

1) I keep meaning to say that I was disappointed with Obama's press conference. After the amount of time he spoke to reporters during his campaign, I don't feel he has any excuse for the performance he put on.

I feel that it's my responsibility to say this because you all know how supportive I was of his campaign and I feel I should also be critical when it is necessary. There were two key things that bothered me.

First off, I felt like there was much too much finger-pointing and accusatory language used by him to talk about the Republicans in Congress. I am pissed with the way the Republicans handled the stimulus package, but I felt like Obama was defensive and accusatory. Come on, Barack. We all know they were being lame. What happened to you stepping above that shit? That's part of why I voted for you.

Secondly, he did not appear to have ready answers. He ummed and y'knowed a lot. He ummed and y'knowed much more than he did during the campaign, and these were all questions he should have expected to receive. On top of that, he gave a lot of non-answers. Non-answers are okay if you explain why you're giving a non-answer. Some, he did, like the issue of photographing the coffins of American troops, which I was pleased to see Gates followed through on almost immediately. Others he didn't, and he sounded kinda wishy-washy.

There was one other, but since I can't remember it now, it can't have been that important. So, yeah, Barack, sorry, but I expect to hear that was your stand-in or something, or you're getting like a C+ from me on that performance. I said frequently during the campaign that as long as he could inspire confidence, I would be happy even if he didn't get everything one his list accomplished. Likewise, even if he's getting things done, I won't be pleased if he can't hold a press conference together without being all whiny about how he inherited this problem.

2) Also on politics, is anyone else annoyed about the whole Daschle thing? I know the guy "failed to pay" his taxes. And frankly, for a former public official who got paid out of those taxes and knows how important taxes are to the working of, well, everything, I'm very disappointed. But I also think that he was one of the strongest and most effective members of Obama's transition team, and I feel strongly that he was the right guy for that post. So I'm kinda torn.

3) I have felt absolutely NO urge to liveblog LOST this year. That being said, I don't think it's because it's bad. The first episode was meh, but I've been liking it a lot since then. I just don't feel like it; I think in some ways it's actually because it's become smarter again and less WTF LOL than it was for a while. I do have one comment about tonight's episode
If Charlotte has a constant, why the fuck is she so sick? I know they're all like "island exposure" but that seems kinda bull after the whole Desmond plot. Her constant should be keeping her okay.

4) What is even better than LOST, is Fringe. Fringe is one of those TV shows that comes around once in a blue moon, that is well-written and complex without being overly complicated or completely dependent on novelty, that has amazing characters (Walter is possibly my favorite TV character, EVER), and that is filmed beautifully to boot. That's what got me to keep watching the show. It's beautiful. The last show I can remember being this good is, well, Twin Peaks.

5) It was beautiful and warm today. I took a walk at lunch; without my jacket. Sometimes simple things like sunshine can make life wonderful.

6) I am going to San Antonio this weekend with my mother. To get my bike out of the basement of the Alamo. I like telling people that and seeing who gets the joke, who laughs, but doesn't get where it's from, and who is like, bzuh?

7) Tomorrow I have dinner plans with cheshire23 and her friend, and cacophonesque. We will probably discuss clicks and our deccenting opinions over Ethiopian foodz.
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