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f00dz and things
cap, captain miss america
I went out to eat with cacophonesque, cheshire23, and waterfaery tonight. I'd never met waterfaery before so it was very very nice. And Destiny and AJ are awesome as ever. I love people I like.

We talked a lot about Tarot cards and waterfaery showed us her spread that she does. It was nice to talk Tarot with sane people. I'm a bit irritated because that's what I created tarot_week for, but there are way too many loonies there.

I hate people on the internet sometimes.

I haven't written at all this week, but I think that's okay. I plan on bringing a notebook and trying to write things not-on-the-computer this weekend while I'm in Texas. Sometimes I find I need to rest my eyes, especially when I am at the computer all day long. I try to take breaks at work, when I need to rest my eyes, but so much of my work is on the computer. I had been trying to actually take my full lunch hour, but most people at work seem to eat at their desks all the time and I end up not having anyone to sit with in the cafeteria, so I feel a little bit intimidated by the whole crowd scene.

One thing I did want to talk about is my new and increased attempt at hydrating. Work has a water cooler and I try to keep drinking water all day long. I've also switched from soda to water at home. I am pretty proud of myself; I haven't had any soda since last week. Generally I go through a liter a day. I am hoping this will make me overall a healthier person.

I also have been making myself eat at home most nights. I used to eat a lot of take out. Now, most of the take out was vegan, so I was very healthy, but also expensive, and it was costing me up to about $10 a night to eat. By cooking my own meals, which are mostly tuna or cheese sandwiches, and grits and eggs, I have brought my eat-at-home budget down to about ten to fifteen dollars a week. Since I am saving a lot more money on food, but I really need to because I am making less money at this job than I have made previously, I am not really giving myself more freedom with expenditures (I'm actually seeing fewer movies), I've decided that one thing I can do is to actually carry spare change to give to people who are asking for money on the street. I don't give money to people on subways, since it's technically illegal to panhandle on the subway, but I do try to give change to anyone who asks on my way to or from work. I was raised to believe that it's better to give money directly to charities, but the more I interact with needy people, the more I realize that many of them don't go to charities for help, for good or bad reasons, and that the idea that homeless people are only using loose change to buy drugs is bullshit. I am sure there are some who do. But I would rather accidentally support someone's drug habit than not help someone get a hamburger at McDonalds. I am strongly in favor of the trickle-UP economy.

The sad thing is, I rarely have enough change in my pocket for everyone I see.

On that note, I would like to mention that the number of empty storefronts in my neighborhood is devastating. It has definitely more than doubled since last summer. Even Ben & Jerry's has gone out of business. This is the Ben & Jerry's around the corner from Times Square, which is a very well-trafficked area. A lot of mom & pop delis and bodegas are closing, I notice, too. It's pretty depressing. But when I see empty storefronts, there is a part of me that starts imagining what sort of business I would like to open in them.

The (friends-only, sorry non-friends) post I made the other day about facebook has really gotten me thinking of other things that happened when I was a kid. I know I said I was picked on but that I was a little snot, too. I will give you one example of me being a snot.

One of the kids who picked on me a lot was a boy named John. I wouldn't give out his name, but it's important to the story. All I remember is that he was one of those kids who by second grade still couldn't spell his own name-- and I could spell his name, because my father's name is John. But he spelled it "Jhon" without fail. He used to abuse the hell out of me-- verbally, of course-- but I honestly can't remember what he did now.

I do remember what I did to him. In second grade, we had "mailboxes" in our classroom-- little slots where our work was returned to us when the teacher marked it. One day, I left the following rhyme in his mailbox:

John, John, leprechaun
Went to school with nothing on.
Teacher, teacher, that's not fair!
Give me back my underwear!

I don't know if anyone ever figured out that it was me, but the teacher I think suspected something since she made "leprechaun" one of our spelling words the next week. I think she was trying to figure out who already knew how to spell it. So I deliberately misspelled it on my homework.

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I am the best tarot card reader ever.







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Edited at 2009-02-13 02:23 pm (UTC)

I think Destiny is the only person allowed to read Tarot from now on.

But I need to have good decks, like yours, with lots of symbolism.

We need to get you one of the really cheesy ones, like the vampire one or the Celtic fairy one.

I'm a bit irritated because that's what I created tarot_week for, but there are way too many loonies there.
Agreed. I like the weekly card explanations. Any post that's not made by you, I scroll past. The deck talk is interesting but too disjointed and I'm tired of reading about what deck called to someone. In short, my complaint is that the comm is now too active! Maybe it'll die down!

Some of the questions are genuinely interesting, and it seems to be a lot less crowded than when it first got spotlighted, but I feel like most of the people in the community are just plain stupid. Or looking for a fatalist out to blame the course of their life on an inanimate object. I've been thinking of splitting off into two communities and having one JUST be for discussing whatever the card of the week is, and one for everything else. And then taking the everything else one off moderation and letting people post whatever the fuck they want. And not reading it.

I think that could be good - you could still use tarot_week for what you'd intended, and have like tarot_week_discussion for everything else.

Ben & Jerry's? Noooooo!

When are you going to Texas?

Edited at 2009-02-13 08:18 am (UTC)

This afternoon! Just for the weekend, to see the Alamo and eat barbecue with my mom.

Wow, I wouldn't have expected that Ben & Jerry's to close. I went there before a Broadway show in 2007. I'm kinda sad about that now.

So am I! Ben & Jerry's isn't supposed to close.

Haha, John the leprechaun. Haha. I love it. Way to be sneaky about it!

What part of Texas are you going to be in?

Man, I'm sorry that lj exposed your community to the greater realm of Tarot loonies. That is unfortunate. :( I haven't even been able to keep up with the posts. I only read the ones you make with the tarot cards each week, because...well...that's what I joined to read.

Can I be honest with you? I don't think that story tells as much about you being a snot as it does about you being effing brilliant. I love it. And John was picking on you anyway, and come on, who can't spell their own name by second grade? ESPECIALLY WHEN IT IS ONLY FOUR LETTERS LONG.

I'm sorry, John, I have to agree with Tea on this one.

San Antonio! I forgot you are in Texas. I can't do meeting up things, though, because this is supposed to be a Mommy-Daughter weekend. The only person who gets an exception is rainy_day because my mommy loves her.

That is totally cool, because I am several hours away from San Antonio anyway!

Oh, good. I have been feeling bad turning people down for meetups.

Why you tricky leprechaun minx!

Oh my gosh! I have been doing the same thing re: H20 - trying to make a conscious effort to drink enough water daily. A few years ago I gave up sodas except for occasional treats, but I know that I still do not hydrate like I need to. It's a challenge.

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