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Sometimes, Things Happen That Are Momentous.
cap, captain miss america
I have a lot of things brewing in my head to post about, but this is much more important.

My grandfather is 88 years old. He will be 89 in July.

He was born in 1920 on a farm that didn't have plumbing or electricity.
He served as a Navy Airedale during World War II on the USS Franklin, a ship that bore his own name. The Franklin survived two naval disasters-- he was on the ship for both.

Five years ago, he was completely blind in both eyes. A year ago, he had a surgery to recover his sight in one of them.

Today, he got his first computer.




I know! I am so excited he emailed me back!

Bam! wow! I love this stuff. Congrats to your grandpa. :D

<3 <3 <3

this made me cry. thank you for my moment of happy today.

Aw. You're welcome. This really just overwhelmed me in a way I never expected it would, especially since I knew my mom was going down there to help him set it up.

this is absolutely fantastic!

This is just incredibly touching. Kudo's to your grandfather and your whole family.

I totally teared up at work. That is too precious for words. <3

Your grandfather is awesome.

Awwww, that's so wonderful... I really needed some warm fuzzies this afternoon. <3

awwww... that's really awesome. glad you have such a ncie grampa... grampa love...

cool screen-caps as well. :)

Aw, that's really sweet news. I'm so glad that sometimes sight can be restored these days, and it's awesome that he can use a computer and email you back :)

Hee - it's great eh? My 90 year old grandma in Ohio loves the internet. We hooked her up a few years ago and she uses it to check on football and basketball scores. :D