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cap, captain miss america
So, for those of you who've missed it, I am updating rorschachsdiary at least once a day, every day through the release of the movie.

It is spoiler-heavy for the book (not the movie, unless you are one of those weirdos who think casting decisions are a spoiler). I am having a freaking ball updating it but I wish more people were reading along!

In related news, cacophonesque, I don't remember what day you are getting back, but would you like to see the Watchmen movie next Friday night (the 6th)? Any other New Yorkers/near-New Yorkers want to come? I'll buy tickets in advance. I'm a bit sad that I can't go to opening night this time, but that is what a 9-5 jobbie job means. So Friday night! ????

My Sims2 like, completely died, so I uninstalled the most recent expansion pack. I knew I would lose all my saved games, which was no big deal, but...well, I lost all my downloads. Hours, days, weeks of downloads. I had like 5g of Sims downloads. So I have been pretty crushed, especially since the site where I get all my male hair is apparently down. Argh. Woe. If anyone has any male hairs from the SAU site, I would be most incredibly grateful if people don't mind sending them to me.

My apartment is broiling! It is so hot that last night I bought a bag of chocolate, and I left it on the floor, in a place far away from any appliances? And today when I got home, it was melted.

Work is busy and has kept me busy this week! I can't think of much else to report!

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My apartment is much of the same. I have two fans blowing on me right now, but I have no windows in my room so it's pretty pointless.

Can I say YES to Friday? I haven't seen you or Destiny in, uhm, forever? (Actually a 90% YES, I have to see what time I am working.)

Absolutely! I'll probably by tickets next week, but even if Destiny can't come, would love to see you!

So, I will be in New York for the UN stuff, and I know at least two other girls in the group want to go. Can you recommend us a theater?

Well, if you want to try to meet up, that would be awesome. If not, or if we can't work it out, there are a ton of theaters in New York. There are two theaters right across the street from each other in Times Square, which is where I usually go (they're down 42nd street, almost to 8th avenue, on either side), or, if you're staying near the UN, there is a very nice theater on 32nd street and 2nd avenue that I would recommend if it is showing there (it probably will be, they have 15 screens).

Thank you for offering but I don't know how tired we will be/what the trains are like (we're staying outside the city)/how much money we'll have/if there are actually plans for Friday night/if they will want to go dancing instead etc so I don't think that I can say "oh yes, we will meet up with you!" especially since they are both...asleep right now.

But thanks for telling me about the theaters!

Oh! If you're staying outside the city proper, depending on where you're staying, there might be closer theaters. There is also a big one in Union Square that is easy to get to from Brooklyn.

Haha, we are staying in Connecticut and don't really have transportation where we're staying (it's complicated) so if we went to a movie it would be after we finished up at the UN - like, instead of going back to Wilton immediately after, we'd go see Watchmen. I was really just looking for theaters where there is reliable popcorn and I don't have to worry about rats around my ankles (maybe that is just a Baltimore thing though) and stadium seating. Actually, stadium seating is important.

Stadium seating is when the seats are all high-rise up, right? Because that's what I thought it was but some friends were complaining about the theater not having stadium seating. Most of the ones in NYC have the high-rise seats.

That is what I have always understood it to mean. I wonder what your friends thought stadium seating was? Huh.

Yeah, the only theater I can think of that isn't like that is the art theater in Lincoln Center.

I am debating whether it is wise for me to go to a midnight showing given that I have to be in class at 9 the next day. The answer is probabally no. But I might do it anyway.

I would come see it with you if I was in New York!

I know you would! I would like to see it with you! This is sad.

I don't know if you had pay stuff (and I'm sure you probably are familiar with this site) but http://paysites.mustbedestroyed.org/booty/ has pretty fantastic sims 2 download stuff. I don't think I have too many awesome male hairs though (people are very sexist when it comes to sims content I think, lol) /dork

I just want the SAU ones back, and the site is under reconstruction :-/ I know PMBD! I don't do pay stuff; there's so much lovely free stuff out there, I don't see any reason for paying someone.

I think part of the problem isn't so much sexism in sims as it is that fashion and style always focus on women and so people have so many more examples to choose from for basing nice clothes/hair off.

Is your downloads folder in My Documents/EA GAMES (default place it installs), or did the terrible uninstaller kill it?

parsimonious.org has great sims2 stuff, as well as a billion links to outside places. All the male hairs I have are lame, because the awesome ones are SUBSCRIBER/PAY ONLY :|

I did not misplace it. Everything in it, including my subfolders, is gone. I had a meticulously organized downloads folder.

And yeah, I know Parsimonious. SAU has great free male hair, though, it's just down right now. They're the only site with a huge selection of guy hair that doesn't look lame. Nouk has a few, and there are a couple curly hair ones on MTS2 that are like the only really decent hair for black sims, but SAU is really the best place to go.

I linked rorschachsdiary on my facebook. I figure that's the most frequented of all my pages. I think it's freakin' awesome... so I hope my friends will too!

Hi! Just got back to Brooklyn a little bit ago. I think that I would like to go to the movie. I still haven't read the book, but that's ok. I'll be in touch with you this week anyway...

Okay, awesome! You can always borrow my book.

I asked this on the Rorschach journal as well, but figured I'm more likely to get a non-"Rorschach" reply here - what font are you using for these journal entry images?

Haha, I was about to answer you on YOUR journal! Not Comic Sans-- it's Chalkboard, which I used because the letter shapes most closely mimic the ones in Rorschach's handwriting of the fonts I had available on my computer.

Wandered here from your Rorschach journal...I gotta say, this is really well done. Hilarious. :) Years ago, someone did a Doc Ock one, and people interacted with Ock and his tentacles (who always got into trouble). So...thanks for doing this! Epic!

Thank you so much! I never saw that one, I'm afraid. This was prompted by a post in bad_rpers_suck. Thank you for the nice words and thank you for the link in your lj.

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