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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
I would like to talk to you all today about the wonder that is netipot.

What is netipot, you ask?

This is netipot:

Netipot is for helping with nasal congestion.

If you can't figure out how it does that, here is a more explicit illustration:

You pour a little packet of powder into some warm water and then put it in the netipot and shake it like you're mixing a cocktail. A delicious nasal cocktail.

Then you tip your head to one side and pour the netipot cocktail into one nostril...there is a little pressure, and then IT COMES OUT THE OTHER. POW.

And with it it brings lots of snot and sludge and all kinds of exciting things like those keys you lost and loose change.

Then you do it in the other nostril! It makes you feel like an Egyptian corpse!

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That sounds like one of the most single-handedly horrifying inventions ever produced.

...and it looks so deceptively cute!

It isn't deceptive! It IS cute! And it loves your snot!

I second this comment. I can't even begin to imagine actually pouring the concoction into my nose.

(And it's downright adorable!)

That thing is terrifying and I am very glad it is far far away from me. I am just not sure it is far enough.



This sounds like the greatest thing ever invented. I have a lot of trouble with all that loose change hanging in the back of my nose.

In this economy, we need all the loose nose-change we can get!

I need to try that and ear candling one of these days.

Well, ear candling is scientifically proven to not actually work, and to be potentially dangerous. Netipot is safe and works!

I LOVE NETI POT. NNNEEETI POT. I am glad to have converted you.

Are there rules to this new religion?

Oh, Joe. I can't mess with you.

I think I saw an episode of the Office about this!

Also, I think I want one.

I'm pretty sure you should do their infomercials.

That would be awesome! I would be okay with getting paid in netipot solution.

It would make a great E Hollywood Story.
You sold netipots, riding on top of the world with your riches and fame. You'll become the hit of several viral videos and be spoofed on major network television and at various sundry tea parties. You'll eventually develop a terrible addiction to netipot solution, selling all your worldly possessions for a little liquid nose candy. After an intervention from the Mad Hatter and March Hare, you'll spend your retirement preaching against the evils of nasal solutions and misuse of teapots.

That looks like a goddamned nose dildo. I want one.

It is more like a nose enema! Either way, you should get one!

I AM SO TORN! I know it would be good, but I get freaked out about pouring water up my nose! I have always tried to avoid water up my nose!

Yeah,same here! But it was so awesome the first time that I just had to do it again!

OH MAN my aunt swears by those things. And now that I have the congestion plague of doom I might have to get one and try it.

Get one! It totally kicks the nasal blockage's ass.


I love your infomercial! the pics! the expressions on your face! I second or third that you should do infomercials. that would be AWESOME.

also... I have the one that looks like a sports bottle that you squeeze. but I use it every now and then. I have TWO sinus surgeries, and I hused ot have to biol my own solution and use a special nose-attachment to water pik. yeah. good times.

now that the solution comes in packets, and you just squeeze, it's so much easier. I have so many friends who swear by teh neti-pot... thanks for this.

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