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cap, captain miss america
In non-friendslocked news, someone freaking bought rorschachsdiary two months of paid time. I think once, elainemc bought me paid time on this journal, and I don't recall if anyone else ever has, but dude, the fictional account has been around less than a month. And someone bought it paid time. Holy crap. I'm not exactly sure what to do with it as I obviously am too high-pitched to even attempt to do voice posts, but hey! Thank you for whoever did it! You are awesome.

I'm sort of running out of funny, since he can't react to the movie anymore. Oh, yeah. The movie. I liked it very much, although I wasn't crazy about the guy playing Adrian and I hated Malin Ackerman. I had some issues with the lack of representation of non-white people, since it's, you know, New York, and it bugged me that the biggest black and Asian roles were mostly minor throwaway villains, but then I looked back at the comic and that's mostly true of the comic. I think the vast majority of the problems with the film were things that are inherently problems with the comic, too, and clearly cases where the filmmakers erred on the side of faithfulness to the book-- I think I already had this conversation with kamenkyote-- the book is definitely flawed, especially in its ability to really make you sympathize with any of the characters. But I thought Dan and Eddie were both vastly improved by the translation to film, as was Sally, who was way more sympathetic, although I would have left out that last "reconciliation" scene with her. It just dragged the end of the movie. But I really felt like the movie made me get Dan in a way I never got him from the comic. And there were so many things that were so vastly improved by being moving, breathing things rather than static scenes-- the way Rorschach moved, so fluidly, like a well-greased machine, was brilliant. And it made a lot of the more visceral scenes much more troubling and powerful.

Also, I loved the ending change. I love people whose idea of deference to New Yorkers is that ironic.

Did I totally get through that without any spoilers? Yes, I did! Excellent!

Anyway. I just had corned beef and cabbage and a drink I mixed with Irish whiskey and pear soda.

I'm still kind of sick, but feeling better. I took off Thursday, which was wise, because I got a lot of rest and felt significantly better on Friday.

I had a dream about my tenth grade physics lab partner. Go figure.

Also, I made this lolcat, initially for rorschachsdiary but then I realized that I don't think Rorschach would quite understand the point of lolcats enough to make something that was intentionally funny. So here it is for all of you!


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I totally need to do a post where he thinks that's real.

OOOOooo LOL great macro! I really liked the movie too, but yeah one of the problems I had with it was that it didn't make you care enough, about the characters or about all the destruction that Adrian had created. It's interesting that that's true of the comic too; I've never read it.

...still need to get on seeing that movie

Haha, Ostercats. Lovely. I quite agree re: the movie. I understand why they'd have wanted to be obsessively faithful to the book, but it got me to in the structure more than anything; all those flashbacks one after another were repetitive. On the other hand, there were a lot of things that just came over much more clearly on film, and I really enjoyed that.

What did you think of the soundtrack?

I'm biased, because The Comedians is one of my favorite songs, and I was disappointed it didn't make the cut.

I liked that they used the songs from the book, but I think in a lot of cases, they didn't really mesh seamlessly enough with the visuals-- they were too obviously there. All Along The Watchtower worked well, as did Unforgettable, but even in the opening montage that was so well done, I felt like The Times, They Are A'Changin' was just laid on top of the visuals very unsubtly. It's okay for a montage scene, but when you get to the sex scene that people have talked about a lot, it just plain doesn't work at all.

Love the lol!cat. I just saw the movie yesterday and now I wanna read the comic to get more background info on some of the characters. I really enjoyed it :)

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