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The Beastly Birthday
cap, captain miss america
Some of you, I am certain, like to have fun on your birthdays (or in this case, the day before your birthday). If that is the case, I would encourage you to go to a more cheerful website, such as this one, or, perhaps, to a site featuring fluffy kitties and now and then bunnies, such as this. Under no uncertain circumstances, and especially if you are liret, should you ever look beneath the cut, for that way lies doom and destruction and you will be very, very sorry. After having seen the contents of this lj-cut, I could not sleep for weeks due to the morose and moribund nightmares.

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That's a delicious-looking finger.

That cake is probabally going to kill us all with firey death. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER.

I still have not found you a suitable present! But I think my mother mailed you one!


Happy Birthday, Jess!

That hook looks almost as delicious as the finger.

The hook may give you slightly more indigestion.

With a build up like that, how could one NOT click??

By having a healthy regard for your own personal well-being!

I was *so* hoping to find something like this under the cut - you have made me so pleased appalled.

"And then the Baudelaire orphans were horribly mangled in a tragic farm-machinery accident, and it was the best birthday ever."

I have been trying to decide if it is the hook or the finger that is like the baby in the king cake. Maybe both!

You say it like the cake doesn't have a proper baby in it!

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