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cap, captain miss america
Oh! I remembered the other things I wanted to say.

One, pierelle, I got your gift! Thank you so much; it's lovely of you to think of me. Would you like something in return? I don't think you got a hat! If you let me know what colors you like, I will make you something!

Two, I totally got a Netflix movie in the mail. I don't have Netflix. It was to someone else. I know you're not legally supposed to open other people's mail but I figured it was better to get the return envelop and mail it back. But then won't I get another?

It's Vicky Christina Barcelona, which I am actually curious to see! Is it unethical to watch it?

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Can you include a note when you mail it back stating that you are not the intended recipient, and therefore it should now be sent to the intended recipient once they sort out said person's real address? You are doing Netflix a favor if you let them know that you are not the intended recipient, and I don't think it's particularly wrong to watch the movie in the meantime.

I'm quite annoyed that people keep bringing up "Vicky Christina Barcelona" when talking to me, but then this is further reason for me to watch it at some point in order to see how that part of the world is represented in the movie. I believe my college is bringing it as one of the weekly free movies this semester, so I can see it them.

That is a good idea!

I wasn't very interested in seeing it when it came out, but I've heard some interesting debate about it since, which is why hey, if it's free...

What kind of debate? What I've heard about the main Spanish characters certainly sounds awfully stereotypical, which is why I did not want to see it initially. Now I will probably see it if it's free, because I would like to have a better reply to "So have you seen that movie about Barcelona with Scarlett Johanssen?" next time this is someone's reply to me talking about Catalan pop music or something else that is really completely unrelated. I have come across criticism by people from Catalonia that the characters do not seem Barcelonin at all, that it should have been set elsewhere.

There is no reason not to watch it. You do not harm the movie in any way. And, as long as you slip a note in with it as suggested above, you'll still be doing a good deed. Perhaps at a two-hour delay for watching the film, but...

Oh man, that movie has a long wait on my queue; fate is favoring you.

Netflix doesn't really read notes that you send in with the DVD, so you should call or email them if there was a labeling error, though I don't know if email is available. If it actually had the other person's correct label on, just mail it to that person in another envelope, containing it along with the envelope needed to send it back to Netflix.

If you can watch the movie and have it in the mailbox by the next mailing date, then it wouldn't hurt to watch.

Edited at 2009-03-18 11:41 pm (UTC)

Nope, it's my address, which is the crazy part!

Yeah, definitely call them about it. In that case, they might ask you to send it back to them, then at least they won't send another on to you.

MAYBE someone got you a gift account... Unless it had another name, dur.

Edited at 2009-03-18 11:44 pm (UTC)

No, different name. And there is no way I'm calling them and wasting my time dealing with customer service reps because someone else screwed up an address. The person whose account it is can deal with that if they want their movies, but I don't see why I should have to spend time on the phone over something that isn't my fault.

The time I dealt with them over phone, it was actually pretty well-done, except that the deal was so confuzzled (one part of a two-part was sent twice, blah blah blah). They actually emailed the one time I sent a note, saying, "We saw you sent a note, and we don't read those, so.... yeah."

Right now the site says holding time is 3 minutes, jsyk.

I'd watch it, and I'm not even all that interested in seeing the movie.

If you live in an apartment building, is there someone else in your building with the name that appears on the envelope?

As far as ethics are concerned... watch the movie, return it as normal.
If the person is checking their Netflix queue, they'll see that the movie was returned, so they'll know to check on it. And if it goes a couple weeks and they never get it, then they'll certainly suspect that there's a bug in the system.
If they never check on it and keep paying for it... *shrugs*

It could be an exciting experiment for you. Like... what did I get today?

And also. The movie was kinda eh for me. I wasn't really impressed with any of the acting.

Awesome! I'm glad :) Did I mention that I wanted a hat somewhere? (Christ memories are fading fast these days :\) But if it's not too much trouble, yes please? :D What kind of hat is it? (Colours will depend on this ahahaha >.>)

Crocheted cap! Have you seen the pics?

And no, you didn't, but I mailed them to everyone who requested a holiday card from me this year!

Ohh! Are these the hats? They look amazing. That is some mad skills you have right there. Thank you so much for offering; if you're doing 2 colour tones, I'm thinking Black and White... or maybe Silver and White? Or Light grey and white? IDK can't decide :D

I will see what yarns I have and do some combination thereof!

Sounds fantastic. Thank you ♥

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