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Friends Cut
cap, captain miss america
Guys, I just made a small friends cut. If you weren't cut, don't worry about it, nothing to say here. If you were, it's because I don't like you and can't stand your vapid excuse for an LJ.

In other words, your roleplaying characters are creepy stalkers and so are you.

Oh god I'm so glad it's not me. XD

I don't know your roleplaying characters! <3 <3

Is it sad that I checked to see if I was cut? lol!!

Well, Everett WAS kinda a creepy stalker.

okay, I am so freaking mad my hands are shaking so this may be fucking full of typos, but you know what? i don’t even care.

Look, Tea, I want you to know that i think you’re being really petty defriending me over this roleplay thing, just because i was honest with you. At Erins we’ve always struggled to have an environment that was positive towards constructive;y criticizing commentary, so it’s totally passive aggressive and bitchy of you to defriend me without even talking to me about this when all I was trying to do was help you constructively address some problems with your play and your inability to separate fiction from reality.

jesus, i thought we were friends. You totally owe me the $500 I spent on plane tickets last August coming up to New York to visit you. obviously that was a huge fucking waste of time.

Excuse me? It's not passive-aggressive; I just don't feel the need to keep reading you squeeing about some stupid superhero roleplay you keep ditching us for like your real life tabletop game is so much cooler than ours.

I posted a bunch of pics because I thought they were cute! And you went totally ballistic on me.

It was a waste of time. I want the cake you ate back.

Oh my God. How DARE you accuse me of having a vapid LJ? I am substantial, and you of all people should recognize how deep and important my life is. You know what? You will only be worse off without the privilege of reading my journal. *FLOUNCE*

This was about rainy_day, not you! Did I cut you by accident or something?



So, I should go pop some popcorn over at bad_rpers_suck, then?

I am trying to be non-wanky and not post this up there.

Oh, LOL doesn't even begin to cover it.

Seriously. And you didn't see the posts on our board. She actually called "Wicked" 'visionary.'

OMG this took me 20 minutes to figure out what was going on here.

How COULD YOU?????? We had a THING our characters were soulmates SOUL. MATES


Edited at 2009-04-01 05:22 am (UTC)

...I think I've got it now. Lol.


It's okay, it confused me, too.

*cackles heartily* Ma plan! Eet eez working! :D

Tea, please IM me. We need to talk about this. You are overreacting.

Dude, she accused me of a hate crime.

Also, she likes "Wicked."

*gets out binoculars* Am I late to the party? Oh, well, I guess I'll just let myself outside. Say, are there any trees near your window?

Where is the "I'm Draco, in your pants" icon when I need it? :D
(Oh wait, is this for real or April Fool's? I'm sorry >.>)

Edited at 2009-04-01 06:26 pm (UTC)

GREETINGS. I am a REAL creepy stalker!

Actually, I just came over to see if this was real and gawk at the wank. Having read the threads and parts of the forum posts, I'm going to say either this is all real and the mod and Segunda are kind of nuts, or you three are a brilliant internet comedy group.

You have my utmost sympathy if it's real, and my hearty thanks if you guys are just putting on a show.

Re: GREETINGS. I am a REAL creepy stalker!

I'm going to say either this is all real and the mod and Segunda are kind of nuts, or you three are a brilliant internet comedy group.

That line blurs a little more every day.