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Happy Easter from the Hell's Kichen Bunbuns.
cap, captain miss america

Today's Bunnycount: 2 adults, four babies

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Did you give them a carrot?! Awwwww.

I did not! I think one of my neighbors did.

Oh my gosh, those bunnies are the adorable. They look so cuddleable!

It is worse in real life! I just want to squoosh their little squishies!

thanks for the pics of the bunnies? are they wild manhattan hell's kitchen bunnies? who live someplace? oh dear.

happy easter to you as well.

Yes, they are the bunnies that live in my yard!

I saw a bunny today too! Phil and I came across one in the woods while we were walking after dinner. XD

whew! I was worried there for a minute! they're super-cute. happy spring!

soooooopper cute!!!

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